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Your power to love it all is in the now


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

The way we do one thing in life is often the way we unconsciously do things in all areas of life

As I stood in front of the mirror today. I admired my pre menstrual rounded stomach, my waist and hips.

I have come to really love & honour my body and all it does for me.

My periods are sacred.  Menstrual blood is the most powerful element on earth.  It could have supported the creation of a child & also contains stem cells that can heal many illnesses.

My womb a powerful multi dimensional portal.  It holds the geometric codes to access all life.  The doorways multiverse realms within.

I realised that in the past I wouldn’t be satisfied with my reflection.

I held a mindset that it was only worthy some time out in the future when I’d shrunk it back to a more desirable size

I’d grown up bullied by family and siblings as fat.

Which translated to how I must be unworthy of love.  That love & kindness was conditional & that everything was outside of me including the perceived love, validation, happiness & I sought.

It was something that would ‘happen’ in future.

Over years of distorted thinking & disordered eating I could often morph into the magic U.K. size 8.  At times even a size 6/8.  Where I revelled in curves & xylophone ribs.

Yet although the wave of admiration of my shrinking body made me feel more accepted in a dysmorphic world where everyone else was being influenced by the similar poison & circus mirrors

Love for my self & this deep satisfaction still alluded me.  It was still something off on the distant.  A time when I would relax.  Like it was  bookmarked in my psyche as a finish line.

It was only through a choice to quit this way of thinking, treating myself & existing.  That I saw it was a bleed into other areas too.

In my career once I’d reached the promotion it didn’t satisfy me.  I didn’t pause & acknowledge the enormity of my successes. I celebrated but by that point I was onto the next goal.

When I bought my first flat in London at 23 within weeks I was looking at the 4 bed town house as my next target.

Yet many years ago I broke this spell.

In doing so I pulled down the whole fantasy land in my mind & burnt the scripts of distorted thinking.  I realise the programming ran deep through ancestral lines, childhood, magazines, the banking industry.

At work as soon as a project was complete you were already onto the next.

It’s the ‘never enough’ syndrome.  It’s endemic, silent & insidious.

It’s also rife in the healing & coaching industry.

I see the patterns, the language, the energy forms.  I also see the eating disorders, spiritual bondage & parasites underneath what’s being presented.

How can you just ‘Be’ today?

How can you express love for yourself, your body, your business & all that you ARE TODAY?

NOT what you are working on or getting the dopamine hit from the next PayPal alert to a sale.

NOT where you desire to be in future when xyz has manifested.  I mean NOW.  TODAY!

Self hatred & discontent just fuels the world with more poison.  Keeping yourself & those in the collective consciousness trapped by matrix belief programs!

YOU are everything you need to be & more on this moment NOW!

Trust & release yourself from the programming knowing that freedom brings happiness, contentment easily!

We have been told lies.

Happiness doesn’t come from the number on the scales, a size label, the bank balance, the next PayPal sale or how many people sign your offer.  None of this is true freedom either.

It comes through LOVE & a new path out of the matrix programming that is the unseen poison we are being called to purge from in 2021!

Would love to hear your comments!

Allera xx

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