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Your dream life is within your power to create


Hey Powerful Goddess,

I have no doubt you’re destined for so much more than traditional success gorgeous

How would I know?

I was you.  Hungry to be living as life led by soul, making an impact, and having fun along the way!

I knew I had something magical within me that was placed there to be shared not hidden.

Yet amongst the sea of conflicting tools and methods I struggled to work out how I would bring this dream to life.

You see at the time there weren’t others in the same boat!  So inside me doubts festered about potential failure.

These doubts I now realise are poison many successful women have faced.  As we are the new pioneers who are going first.  We haven’t seen a generation of women who have been able to have it all on their terms.

I feared whether it was possible to have both the freedom to live day to day as I pleased, take trips away weekly and allow myself to have the space for source to drop the next big inspired download through me.  All whilst running a business helping women Globally change their lives and playing my part to accelerate the awakening process of humanity!  It felt huge!

Yet- one day the universe proved me wrong…I did it all and am still growing, expanding and trusting more of my unique magic is inside and waiting to be shared.

You see it was my inner limitation that kept me separate from my dreams.  It kept me in a Corporate job in Global Investment banking longer than I should have been.  Giving away my energy to someone else’s vision.

All I had to do was tap into soul, access the infinite power of the cosmos and nurture the powerful ideas that flowed through me!

It was all within me all along!  A divinely intuitive human with an innate ability to tap into her souls wisdom, mastery & magick!

I was introduced to the ancient wisdom of the temples & the soul initiations I had completed.  This opened me up to a deeper understanding of the art of healing, manifestation, the quantum field & magick.

I began to connect with more of my cosmic soul lineage and councils of light who were dedicated to our success on this Earthly journey!

I was shown the distortions on Earth’s consciousness around wealth, love, abundance & our souls true purpose.  Which has given me a very unique perspective of wealth energetics as someone who also spent nearly 20 years on the Sales & Trading floors of Global Investment banks!

Which inspired me to create a powerful vortex that not only rapidly assists women in unpeeling the layers of illusion keeping them from receiving the money, abundance & support available to them.  It was to empower them with tools they could include in their daily lives to keep upgrading and expanding into deeper layers of abundance!

This is what my Money, Soul & Magick 3 month immersion with the Galactic Council of Money is all about- link here:

This program holds infinite space for your inner AND outer transformation.

We share the practical, FUNCTIONAL tools to achieve your dreams.

And more importantly, MSM challenges what you’ve believed your whole life about success, abundance, and alignment all mean to us.

This opportunity is just the portal to prosperity you need in your life!!!

Your dream life is within grasp, but what you REALLY got to do…

Is tap into that divinely magic energy you hold inside ?

I invite you to change your whole life with me – doors are open now!

Get started immediately!

To love, joy, impact, and success

Allera xx

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