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Your business is a light being


Dear Souls,

We wish to impart further wisdom to start to expand your awareness of the constructs of reality you know & in truth what outside of this is possible for you.

So to understand your business on a 3D level is to recognise the vehicle you have created.  This is but an interface to reach others on the physical realm.  This may come in the form of a website, registered company, a business office, or shop.  Then all parts of your business are also parts of this wider construct.  Your email list, your product, your bank account, your tech, social media pages.

Yet your business is a light being in the non physical sense.  One that holds consciousness.

This is where 3D business stops & new paradigm 5D & above business excels.

To understand the whole picture from a perspective of wholeness rather than a sum of parts allows us to play more energetically to shift the physical construct!

Which affects all of the efforts placed in the different moving parts!

Allera since day 1 of her business was guided to work in a particular multi dimensional way.

She worked on ALL levels to get otherworldly acceleration in her 3D efforts.

This is how she created her first £11k month in the 3rd month of business.

It’s also how she has successfully jumped to £38k weeks & £51k days.

The light being is in Alignment & her business was architecturally structured in a way that accesses far more than the 3D.  So it continues to expand & hold more & more without more & more effort.

Most times people are only viewing things through the lens of separation, so they miss the opportunity to play in different ways.  Yet ALL is available & it’s important to lean outside of the edges of what is.

In the upcoming Money, Soul & Magick Immersion we will be sharing a powerful transmission for you, your business light being & all connected to it.  A re-birth to anchor into a central source of energy that will assist you in the soul expansion & creative expression your business light being wishes to be holding!

Rocket fuel is available to you all.

We are delighted to work with Allera to support you through this shift!

Struggle is the 3D signature

Expansion AND more is 5D & above.  This is your true state.  The whole side of the coin!

We are so excited to start this work with you!

As we work out of linear time we see far more of what you could be receiving! We want to marry you with the wider vision.

Which is why we will share this powerful transmission in the early part of the immersion!

Are you ready to create otherworldly results in just 3 months time?

Reply to this mail to get on the pre-list!

Love & Expansion

Allera & The Galactic Council of Money

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