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Your body is the home of your soul. How have you treated your own Divine Temple today?


Take a moment to think…

How have you spoken to yourself today?  Do you speak to yourself with the same tenderness and sensitivity that you would a child?   

What one thing have you done for yourself today that makes your soul happy? 

What nourishing fuel have you put in your body?

How much time have you spent today wanting someone else’s body?

How much time have you spent today breaking your body up into parts?  Believing you’d be happy, married, fulfilled, with a soul mate, perfect, pretty, handsome, successful, united with your Twin Flame, pretty, sexy, desirable, more confident, if only you had a different (insert body part)? 

Totally forgetting you are perfect, just as you are! You have the exact Divinely perfect body that your soul chose to experience this physical incarnation in!  In essence you received what you asked for! 

It’s only from childhood that we start to swallow whole the belief systems of our parents (absorbing their hang up’s and limiting insecurities), society, school friends & media that we start to believe that we are less than, not good enough, unworthy and that we must ‘fit in’ and change ourselves.  Before we can walk or even feed ourselves with a spoon, we get into the trap of looking for validation outside of ourselves.  Seeking approval that we are ‘ok’!

In fact, none of this is really about our looks or our body.  It’s all about LOVE!

By seeking validation of our worthiness of LOVE outside of ourselves, whether it’s from peers, society, family, lovers, media – the list goes on.  We are stuck in a trap, an unfulfilling loop where we never get what we truly want…which is Love.  We have been programmed to believe that love is ‘conditional’ and that it’s outside of ourselves.

We are actually trying to fill a void relating to deep subconscious beliefs that:

– We aren’t worthy of LOVE

– We are unlovable

– We won’t be accepted & loved unless we ‘fit’ in

– We won’t be loved unless we look, behave, live a certain way (directed by the approval of another)

– We will be rejected and ‘love’ withdrawn if we are ourselves!

– We don’t deserve love

It’s an impossible game that most of society is playing.  It’s also one where there are no winners.  Have you ever met anyone who was able to make EVERYONE happy?  No, me neither.  It’s impossible and is a trap we need to quickly move away from.

Holding negative limiting beliefs like these restrict us from seeing the truth.  As souls, the truth is, we are ALL part of source…which is in essence love.  Until we can learn to love ourselves (including our shadow side) we can’t attract in the healthy soul mate or Twin Flame relationships many of us are dreaming of.

The more time we spend trying to seek love & validation outside of ourselves. The more we feed this cycle with our energy.  What we focus our attention on becomes our reality.  This cycle feeds a pattern of LACK OF LOVE!

It’s like the analogy of the building with a broken window.  The building appears neglected and damaged, so it attracts more of the same.  In the same way we continue to act like a magnet to those who mirror our beliefs about ourselves.  If you hold a belief that you are unworthy of love.  You will attract relationships which will highlight this.  Your soul is pushing you to break free from the illusion.

When we continue to seek love and validation outside of ourselves.  We become more disconnected from who we truly are as souls.  Falling into a trap of feeling helpless and small.  It’s the biggest illusion of all.  We are all creators of our own reality.  By healing our wounds, practising daily self-care, removing the limiting beliefs, and taking ACTION, we open up the possibilities to attract new positive people and situations into our lives.  We literally all have the power within us to re-create our realities.

I have created a meditation in which we identify 90+ limiting beliefs around Soul love within your Akashic records (soul records).  Once you have conscious awareness of the beliefs, we remove them and all related negative programs.  We then replace them with healthy new beliefs and feelings such as:

– I understand what it feels like to allow someone to love me

– I understand how to honour my sexuality without giving it away

– I know how to love my body

– I am loveable

– I am worthy of love

– I know how to receive love

– I know how to live my life without fearing change

– I am worthy of wealth and abundance in my life

– I am worthy of the love of my Twin Flame

– I give myself permission to experience limitless abundance in this lifetime

– I know the creators definition of intimacy

When we change our inner beliefs it has an alchemical effect.  We uplift our energetic state and create positive new thoughts.  Our emotions shift and we can start to attracts new experiences in our lives!

So now is the time to let go off the heavy baggage, and free yourself to create the life your soul is dreaming of!

Check it out here…

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