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Yoni self-care!


How much attention and love do you pay to your yoni?  Your yoni is a gateway to feeling and live by in your feminine radiance.  How often do you tune in and ask it what do you need and how are you feeling?  Are you really connected to this vortex of deep creative wisdom within you or numb to it’s cries and whispers?

So often I see women and girls completely detached and at times disassociated from their bodies and yoni’s.  I feel this is endemic as it’s as though we have been brought up in an age where we treat our bodies and yoni’s as functional machines.  Often only connecting with them on a surface level when required.  The yoni gets a monthly wax ‘to look nice, clean and tidy’.  We then only pay attention again when menstruating or again when it’s called to ‘perform’ and function during sex.  This isn’t helped with the fact that we weren’t taught any differently by our mothers.  The lineage of womb wisdom has been lost.

In the awakening community, I speak to many women who are very focussed on trying desperately to balance their masculine and feminine energies.  Repeating the words and texts about separation without first embodying it in their connection with themselves, their souls, their wombs and their yoni.

The awakening journey not only leads us inwards to unravel the depths of our souls.  It also takes us on a journey of self-discovery of the wisdom, power and trauma held in our physical and energetic bodies.  As women we carry the trauma of 8 generations our ancestors in our wombs!  Many of us are carrying the pain and trauma of rape, miscarriage, loss, sadness, grief and rage that doesn’t even belong to us.  We then wonder why we suffer with unexplained pain, heavy periods and a deep fear of intimacy.

This is part of the spiritual bondage we have agreed to heal for ourselves and in turn we free our past genetic lineage and the future children to come.  This is not a magic wand solution an requires us to go deep into the depths of ourselves to face these wounds and heal them with deep love, forgiveness and compassion.  For the more we hide from them the more power we hand over to them.

We can have many tools such as healing through the Akashic records to release these binds and patterns from repeating.  We have access to multitudes of modalities to help clear these energies.  Allowing us to clear the path to create new self-love routines that fit with our present day lives.  Bringing these rituals to life with new a fresh slant that works for the women of today and the daughters of tomorrow.

So on that note.  I will share my Friday night experience.  Yoni steaming is part of my self-care ritual and something I follow bi-weekly at home.  I had run out of yoni steaming herbs so decided to find a place that offered this service in London.

My process is likely different from many others who attend.  I didn’t just go there, sit on a chair and blindly wile away my time.  I created a ritual and set an intention.  I rubbed oil on my lower abdomen and activated my womb before the treatment started.  Then throughout I meditated and channeled a beautiful yoni healing.  Purifying blocked energy and releasing this from my womb matrix.  Blessing my yoni with the love, nurture and respect she deserves.

I will record and share this energy clearing meditation in my upcoming…

‘Womb Empowerment workshop and sound bath- Healing and connecting to the Divine Feminine power within’ on Sat 27thOct 18 at the Light Centre Moorgate (London).


Love and blessings

Allera xx

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