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Worry is one of the biggest energy bleeds


Gorgeous souls,

Worry…The biggest waste of energy going!

The loops, spins & stories we create all because we don’t have immediate control over an outcome

Yet if we drop the worry & trust all is working out for us we get to open up to far greater than we could ever imagine for ourselves

Worry is a contraction of your energy field

Worry is an addictive pattern

Worry is a form of self sabotage as you just bring in subtle vibrations of doubt in & poison your crop

To start accepting that life can & will bring you more & more

Drop the worry pattern & start focussing on the excitement of possibilities of abundance!

Notice the shift!

If you are struggling & want to transform an area of your life

I’ve opened up some 121 Shadow deep dive sessions & 121 Sonic Soul Prescriptions over the coming weeks!

Book here whilst they last!


Allera xx

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