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Words I may never get to say…


Do you know what the two common past life blocks I find when reading a souls records are?  Regret and guilt!

These are two very charged and heavy emotions.  What we take to our death bed stays with us life time after life time if not healed and released.  Throughout this whole awakening experience we are being called to dig deep, release and search for all the hidden depths of trapped emotions within us.  They have become our own ball and chain.  Confining us to cycles of heartbreak, pain and suffering.

What I notice is that we focus a lot on the clearing, but in this lifetime we are also called to take action regarding the ‘maintenance’.  This means changing the way we express or suppress our emotions.  So as not to keep filling the inner well with negative energy when we put so much into emptying it in the first place.

Part of the challenge is that we haven’t been shown how to express our emotions.  As a child we may have even been punished for expressing anger, rejected when showing love or punished when showing rage!  So we supress instead.  We learnt it was the only safe option.  However at some point the well is going to over flow, so many people choose to numb themselves.  Cut off and desensitise through anything that distracts them enough from the feelings within.  Working to the bone, over exercising, drugs, soul less sex (nothing that requires an emotional heart connection), food, alcohol…the list is endless.  All to try and block out what is essentially trapped energy inside of us!

The Twin Flame connection shines a bright light on all the hidden depths where this trapped energy (emotion) hides!  Bringing to the surface all kinds of stuff.  Some from this lifetime and in most cases cellular memories from generations (ancestral) and lifetimes gone by.  All creating a frightening, confusing, bubbling cauldron to try and contain, when you’re used to ‘checking’ out and relying on your numbing agent of choice.

Is it any wonder that a face to face meeting with your Twin Flame can erupt the volcano within, that you have been trying to tame!  Causing someone to run for safety to steadier ground!  It’s frightening to ‘feel’ when you haven’t allowed yourself to do so for so long.  The intensity of feeling means love can become just as much of an enemy as fear!  It’s just easier to hide from both.  The primal fight or flight kicks in, core wounds are triggered and rational thought goes out the window.  It’s only later when equilibrium returns.  You can bet that person sits there, with a heavy heart looking back at their actions, wondering why they blocked the person they feel so strongly about on Facebook, why they avoided them when bumping into them, why they decided to ignore the attempt to connect, which was just a simple hello!

I want to offer another way of looking at things in these situations for both sides of the Twin coin…

People do stupid things, say hurtful things and act out of their own wounds, fears and just because they don’t know how to react.  So it’s easier to sometimes ignore and say nothing.  It’s not they don’t care, in fact it’s the opposite.  They have just packed some more heavy emotions into the well and hope for it to not over flow soon!  The thing to consider is it actually takes a lot of energy to hold that emotion in.  It’s tiring, it reduces their energetic strength and it can only go on for so long.

This is part of their soul journey to realise they have to find a way to express themselves.  This is actually is something both the Divine Feminine and Masculine are learning in this cycle.  How freeing and liberating it is to be able to express how you feel without fear.  If we can hold the space for them with love, compassion and forgiveness.  We help them energetically slowly begin to feel safe to be able to express.  This is where as the Divine Feminine counterparts, who may be a few steps ahead on the path, can call upon their inner wisdom and higher aspects to help see things from a higher perspective.  We grow and learn from this too.  We support rather than attack.  Hold the healing space for those around us rather than berate them for not behaving how ‘we’ want them to.  That is the shadow feminine side we are healing within ourselves.  So our Twins offer us healing gifts and opportunities throughout.

For the Twin counterpart on the receiving end of what could appear to be a rejection, loss or betrayal..  He didn’t reply to a mail, he ignored you, he didn’t say the words ‘you’ want him to, he’s not this that or the other.  I would like you to stop, close your eyes and connect with your heart and higher self.  What was the first emotion that rose in you?  The first reaction to this perceived slight?  Connect with that emotion.  Where do you feel this in your body?  Ask your higher self where is this trapped emotion from?  You may be shown images or just know what it relates to.  Ask whether this emotion is yours.  It may be ancient, stored cellular memories our ancestors have passed down that is rising to be finally acknowledged.  Your Twin Flame has just given you a healing gift, if you can turn the focus back on yourself and see what rose in you to be healed and released.  If you can take this stance and focus, you will stop from the victim energies rising within and then the blame or anger, which just block your Twin Flame connection further.

In these situations, listen to this meditation to heal the core wounds at the root of the triggers.  Twin Flames Healing Program (Journey of the Soul- Core wound, relationship with the creator and separation from your Twin Flame healing meditation and ask for the wound that has just been triggered to now be cleared, healed and completed within your soul records).

So how to stop the inner emotional well from over flowing?

As I mentioned regret and guilt are emotions many hold onto till the end of their lives.  Never getting to speak your truth, express how you truly feel is felt deeply at a soul level.  So I want you to get this trapped emotion out.  Many of the emotional explosions between the Twin Flames is due to there being so much emotion and feeling, so much love, passion, hurt, pain and everything else in the mix, that it’s hard to contain how it comes out, other than in an eruption.

So I would like to suggest writing them a letter as though it’s from your death bed.  Getting to say everything you have ever wished to say to them.  Just allow whatever needs to come out to be released.  Ask your higher self to guide you as you write and allow it to flow.  Don’t ‘think’, this is writing from the heart.  Connect with how you feel about that person, how they look, imagine their eyes, their smile, their touch, connect with the love you feel in your heart for them.  Then write it.  No holds barred.  Get it out!  All the things you wished you had done and said.  Tell them, express it to them.  You may want to write them a poem or to paint or draw something which expresses how you feel.  This is completely personal to you.  The idea is to express it.  Once you are finished, I would like you to put everything aside and go away and do something completely different.  Change state.  Then come back to this a little later.

If you have had any confusion about how you feel about this person or what actions you should take, read you notes.  It will give you the clarity you need.  It might even inspire you to take action or reconnect.

Feeling steadier now you have let all the pent  up energies out.  I would then like you to find somewhere safe to burn your notes.  Set the intention to dissipate the energy released through your writing with Divine love, light and truth.  Sending this back to source for transmutation to love.  Request to cleanse, purify and balance the energetic connection between you both with divine love and light.

If you look at the bigger soul picture here, would you rather hold onto the anger, guilt, regret, fear and lack of forgiveness till the end of this lifetime and create another cycle of heavy baggage to clear?  Can you accept the strong feelings of love within?  Does any of this change your perspective on the situation between you?  Are you ready to create change in the dynamics?

This takes two to tango…you both have to find a way to come into inner balance emotionally.  Could a simple exercise like this on a weekly basis break the pattern of emotional running, chasing, conflict or at least offer a way to healthily release some of the emotions?  Taking the focus back within, creating the inner peace and balance that calms the waters between you, is the key to change in the dynamics…


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