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Womb healing – The importance of an energetic divorce


You might be asking yourself not only what is womb healing and why I might need it but also what is an energetic divorce?

To start this post isn’t exclusively for women you might be surprised to hear.  Everyone has an etheric (subtle energy field) womb!  So even if you are a woman born without a physical womb for whatever reason you still have an etheric womb!  Men also have an etheric womb called the hara!  So no one is left out!

The womb, whether etheric or physical represents the vortex or creative portal of creation.  Where once activated it can literally birth and ground your manifestations from cosmos to physical reality.  Whether it’s an idea grounded to physical reality and form or from spark of creation to the physical birth of a child.

When activated the womb is also a connection to the cosmic womb of creation and the womb of mother Gaia.  It becomes a chalice of living light.

Ladies you may notice that whilst on your moon time that you become extra sensory aware?  More alert to divine guidance and clarity.  Many oracles would be visited at this time to provide prophecy and guidance by powerful leaders and kings.  Often seeking knowledge on strategy of battles.

Many years ago before the patriarchal influence, womb worship was common throughout many societies.  There were even such things as womb shaman.  The Divine feminine energy was worshiped, respected and it’s power understood.  Including the power of the womb, the menstrual cycles and the elixir of life (menstruation blood).

The wisdom of these practises understood the power of the womb for creation, manifestation, the influence on the energetic order of nature & the connection to the earth.

It’s now even known that menstrual blood contains stem cells.  Menstrual stem cells have demonstrated the capability of differentiating into many other types of stem cells such as cardiac, neural, bone, fat and cartilage.  Currently, they are being studied to treat stroke, heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and ischemic wounds in pre-clinical and clinical models!  So how amazing is it that our magical wombs go through their own death and rebirth each month and even if no baby is conceived the stem cells in our moon elixir can heal so many things for us and our families if we chose to bank them for later use.

Yet through corruption influences, fear and a hungry desire for power, these practises and wisdom was destroyed or driven underground. Often from the inside.  Womb shaman recognising the power of menstrual blood kept hareems of women to harvest their menstrual blood.  Knowing the power of
blood in ritual magic.  The innocence, purity and connection to the divine feminine energy, the body and Mother Earth was abused.  Leaving a deep wounding to mother Gaia and women today handed down from our ancestors.

The influence of the Romans and the religious church communities literally drove out the divine feminine and womb wisdom.  They feared the true power of the womb.  So what better way to create mistrust and devalue than ensure that those who were holders of this power were stripped of their rights and safety.  Often persecuted as witches, hunted and sent into hiding.

Those following the path of the Divine feminine were often healers, herbalists, temple priestesses and midwives across many different timelines including Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and through spiritual communities following paganism and the druids who were majority female priestesses.

In the Ancient Egyptian times in the goddess Isis temple cult.  The priests and priestesses recognised that the body was a sacred vessel and divine tool.  They practiced rituals to energetically strengthen their light bodies so that during sacred sexual union when their bodies merged, they could bring more light into their ka (light body).  Their intimate merge became union with the divine transporting more light to earth.  This was to be able to prepare their light bodies for key rituals which allowed them to astral travel and survive death rites.

They practised sacred and pure sex magic utilising the activated womb energy to manifest through ritual.  They understood the energetics and power of sex as a spiritual practice.  They knew it had far more wider reaching affects than just the physical act.  Energetically they understood that the soul essence merges between both partners during sex leaving soul fragments and energy imprints within their partners.  When  an initiate was advanced enough,  the sexual union connection becomes a direct channel of light to source through their physical bodies.  This is also sometimes similarly referenced to the cosmic orbit in Tantra but would is less focussed on the ritual, energy field purification & awareness of the soul.

The purity of sacred sexuality, as in sex being seen as a spiritual practice.  Along with the practise of choosing a sexual partner who was on a path of self mastery to work together for spiritual growth became corrupted by the patriarchal influences.  Demonising those priestesses who held this wisdom as whores and temple prostitutes.

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary were both high initiates and priestesses of the Isis cult in Ancient Egypt.  This ancient womb wisdom was also held by many of the Essenes community of which Mary Magdalene was a part of.  Yet this group became scattered along with the knowledge as the patriarchal influence took hold.

What better way to disempower people with fear and separation.  Take the spirituality out of our divine connection with our bodies, wombs and connection to the understanding of being co creator souls who are all aspects of the divine!  Replaced with fear, shame, anger, guilt and grief!

This trauma is imprinted in all of us at soul level and energetically this is held in our womb matrix and within our dna. The repercussions had a ripple effect through our genetic lineages.

As a collective on this planet we became less connected to the the Divine feminine and masculine and Divine mother/father energies.  Taken over by the unhealed matriarchal and patriarchal templates, their beliefs and programs.  So the veil of illusion thickened.  Fear, manipulation, sexual abuse, slavery, power abuse and addiction to numb this spiritual bondage of pain tied up through the collective & winding through our ancestral lines affects us now.

Look at how detached from sacredness we are as a collective from our bodies, sexual wisdom and practices.  Just take one look at social media and you can see the distortion.  Spiritual beings starved of sacred sexual connection.  As well as connection with themselves as souls and their innate inner wisdom.  Clouded by layers of karmic imprints, illusions and ancestral trauma so that all they can connect with in terms of sexuality is a base line.  It’s too hidden and often painful to recognise what is underneath the layers of illusion which ultimately connects us with our power and truth.

For many women and men they are very disconnected from womb consciousness. Whether within their own bodies & energy fields or that of their partners.  It’s just not been part of their awareness and certainly not something they have come across.

So why provide you with this detail.  As it’s what we all hold as a collective and is part of our soul contracts to heal so we break the chains of the past & don’t hand this firm to the next generation of children.

So how is this manifesting for YOU now?

  • Are you struggling to move on from an ex boyfriend or abusive relationship?
  • Are you wanting to call in your Twin Flame or a Divine Partner/soulmate but keep attracting the same types of toxic connection?
  • Are you struggling to conceive a baby but have no medical conditions preventing you from doing so?
  • Are you struggling to step into your power and onto the path of life purpose?  Finding you feel blocked creatively or afraid of what others may think?

Here’s some insight on how an energetic divorce at soul level is needed to release these energies and this can help you:

Did you know that until you perform an energetic divorce at soul level you are connected to every person you have ever had sex with!  Energetically they will still have an influence on you too as you are carrying their energy in your field & body (including your yoni, breasts and womb).  Making it a challenge to attract in new high vibrational soulmate when you have other men/women strongly in your field.

Your exes will also at soul level have likely been past life lovers/husbands etc too.  A marriage vow is for eternity.  So these vows at soul level keep you connected to many different people through different timelines and can block you from having a marriage and children in this lifetime till rescinded!

The commitment is still active till cleared.

Have you heard of the saying – never have sex with someone you wouldn’t want to be?  This pulls into the wisdom the ancient Egyptian priestesses held.

They understood that with every touch that was out of alignment with love & purity & everytime someone entered the yoni and sacred womb space through sex.  The man would be depositing an imprint of his emotional body (including beliefs, thought forms, patterns and karmic imprints) into the womb space.  This means that the delicate womb space could become a dumping ground for whatever energetic baggage the man held including energies of all the other women he was carrying from past sexual encounters.  Not a nice thought.

This has serious implications for a woman especially when she wants to become pregnant.  As these lower collective energies lower the vibration of the womb.  Making it harder for it to be high vibration enough to carry a baby.  The new souls coming to this planet currently are often of a higher vibration than the women they are trying to contract with as mothers.  So womb healing and an energetic divorce is part of the work to be done to assist in the conscious conception process and is something I work with my clients on.

Every woman holds 8 generations of matriarchal ancestral trauma within their womb!  This includes miscarriages, entities, trauma of rape, grief at dying through childbirth, fear of losing children even soul level vows passed through the family line to restrict you having children without approval of the family.   It’s very common to have agreements not to marry outside the tribe!  All repressive and all links into the deviation of the true divine feminine wisdom & lineage.

All of this will often manifest in unexplained fertility issues, severe period pains and often repeated miscarriages!  For many the experiences of wanting to become a mother starts a spiritual initiation.

I am seeing more clients having to clear these pieces to prepare for conscious conception.  When I channel the souls of the babies wanting to come through.  They make it clear they don’t want to inherit the heavy baggage these women carry.  It’s not part of their soul plan.  So it becomes a soul healing catalyst for these women to face these pieces if they want to fulfil their desire to be mothers.

It’s not only the energies of old lovers and ancestors we hold within our womb field.  We are left with an energetic imprint, cording and often we hold soul fragments of abusers in all sense of the word.  Anytime someone crosses our emotional, physical or sexual boundaries we energetically get corded to them.  This energy feeds an inner well of unworthiness, helplessness and into the collective field of victim consciousness.  It’s now time to free yourself from the energy of others with forgiveness and compassion for yourself.  To do this kind of healing is s true act of self love.

This might seem like a lot to digest.  If it’s triggered you, take this as a guide from your soul that it’s time to go deeper into healing the divine feminine aspect of yourself.  This is part of womb consciousness activation and empowerment.  To heal and clear this stuff to take back your inner divine feminine power!  Minus the deviation, shame and abuse energies that have blocked us from the inner power of the womb (hara) we hold.

Just to add to heal and clear these pieces and as part of an energetic divorce and clearing from these energies-  you don’t have to relive the trauma!  Once you have conscious awareness of what needs to be healed it can be released at the deepest level – the soul.  I use a variety of
tools from my kit including soul realignment and energy activations to heal these wounds on all energy levels with my clients.

I am running a workshop for those feeling called do so this sacred healing.

Womb empowerment workshop and sound bath 

Saturday 27th October 18 

Light centre Moorgate, London. 

This will be 3 hours dedicated fully to self care, self love & deep healing.  Taking time out of your busy life to experience the magic of soul level healing to heal & reclaim the power of your womb as a matrix of creation.

This workshop will help encourage women to reclaim their bodies as sacred and to be led by the soul-voice inside them without compromise or apology.  As we come together in ritual and conscious intention to heal.  We can reclaim the true power and innocence of our womb consciousness and a deep alchemy can occur amongst us.

Love & blessings

Allera xx

More info and tickets here:


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