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Womb Healing moves towards the mainstream


Womb Healing in the press!

I’m excited to share that I was approached by the Metro London newspaper to contribute towards an article they were writing in their trends section about womb healing.

The article is very much targeted towards those who have never heard about it before,  let alone the energetic or spiritual aspects connected to it.

Yet this is such a great example of how things are changing among the collective consciousness.  The article even cites that in the past year 16% more people sought alternative routes for their issues & ailments.

This is showing the wider change of perspective within the mainstream to explore into a more holistic approach.  Linking mind, body and soul for healing rather than a band aid short term approach or popping a pill!

You can read the full article here:


If you would like to try a free womb healing meditation.  You can download here from my shop:



Allera xx

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