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Womb Empowerment Workshop and Sound Bath


Womb Empowerment Workshop and Sound Bath- Healing and reconnecting to the Divine Feminine power within

Saturday 27th October 12.00-15.00, Light Centre Moorgate EC2M 5QA

This workshop will help encourage women to reclaim their bodies as sacred and to be led by the soul-voice inside them without compromise or apology.  As we come together in ritual and conscious intention to heal.  We can reclaim the true power and innocence of our womb consciousness and a deep alchemy can occur amongst us.


Have you experienced a situation that infringed on your personal boundaries?

Have you felt scared to show your feminine power?

Have you avoided your womb wisdom causing you to detach from the divine intuitive guidance within?

Have you experienced abuse, sexual harassment, allowed men to treat your body in ways that were out of alignment with love?

Do you allow yourself to truly honour your womb and sacred body?

Do you feel strongly blocked from moving on from old intimate relationships?  Do you feel like you are still carrying the emotional baggage of your old partners?  Are you struggling to attract a new soulmate?

Do you feel disconnected from your inner goddess and lacking in the magic of a life filled with joy and purpose?

Connecting and activating our womb consciousness is the key to fully stepping into our roles as Divine Feminine on the planet at this time.  Yet we are laden with these layers of old fears, conditioning and beliefs from society, family and old patriarchal religious programming.  All of which have made us fear our own innate knowing.  We become detached and suppressed from our true feminine nature.  In this constricted state we become disconnected from the true flow of life, feminine energy and the ability to create and birth our dreams into manifested reality.

I bring a gift as a holder of the Divine Feminine codes to help you safely and quickly unpick the lock of inner knowing and help you start the path to reclaim your power so you can start to shine your true light in the world.

Workshop schedule

  • Opening ceremony with intention to create sacred space for the workshop.  Sharing why we have come together for this healing workshop and collectively align our energies for the highest healing possible at this time.
  • What is Womb consciousness?  How does it affect you?  Understanding how modern day women have become disconnected from their bodies and the ancient wisdom of womb worship.  How all women carry 8 generations of ancestral trauma, karmic imprinting of abuse, miscarriages, loss, grief, rage and sadness in their wombs and how this is affecting us today.  What gifts can we take from past practices to help us reconnect to our bodies and inner wisdom today.
  • The meaning of the phrase- Only have sex with someone you would like to become. Understanding the sacredness and power of sexual energies and how we remain connected and often bound at soul level after each intimate connection.  How we can use energy hygiene tools to prepare ourselves to call in a new soulmate or prepare for pregnancy.
  • Raw cacao ceremony.  We will set the intention of what we are ready to release through this workshop and what we want to call into our lives.
  • Are you blocking your own healing?  Do you give yourself permission to move forwards and step more fully into a fulfilled life?  One of the most common themes I find with clients is that on a subconscious level they don’t believe they can heal and at soul level they don’t believe they are worthy of healing.  I will be working with the group to clear these limitations at the deepest level of the soul.
  • Rite of the womb.  You will all receive the 13th Rite of the womb.  This is an energetic transmission providing powerful healing to yourself, your ancestral lineage and reconnecting you to the womb lineage of sisterhood.  ‘’The womb is not a place to store fear and pain, the womb is to create and give birth to life’’.  Read more here: www.theriteofthewomb.com
  • Group healing session:  I will be performing a deep soul healing and clearing within your Akashic records (soul records) which includes an energetic divorce from past lovers, abusers and those who are taking your power.  I will also be activating the womb matrix, reconnecting you to the cosmic womb and womb of mother Gaia plus I will clear old blueprints restricting you from reclaiming your feminine power.  This soul realignment heals trauma, clears karma including whatever you have inherited from your ancestral lineage and frees up your energy field of blocks/restrictions to heal and be open to manifest a new relationship with yourself and others.
  • Group share and grounding with raw chocolates.
  • Group manifestation session.  I will take you through a powerful manifestation journey accessing energetic fields to assist you in drawing to you that which you desire in your life.
  • To assist in integrating the healing energies, Harriet Emily will take us on a beautiful crystal sound bath journey.
  • Closing circle ceremony.


Svetlana, New York (US)

Allera was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She has a natural nurturing ability with which she immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  It is because of this ability that she was able to connect with me on a deeper plane and understood the root cause of my trauma.

Allera has a gift of being able to download and articulate back to you, your feelings and root cause of any trauma or pain you are experiencing.  She helps to guide you to your light without the slightest of ego or self-intent, focussing solely on what is the most beneficial way for you at that particular time.

I am grateful to Allera for the work she has done and continues to do with me.

Millie London (UK)

I went to Allera for a general healing session and was blown away by the results. She could peel back so many layers to find the root cause of the issues I was dealing with so I could have a permanent solution rather than temporary relief.

Allera is amazing at looking at the situation from a holistic point of view and her vast knowledge in the field means that you get help from every angle. It’s like having a healer, nutritionist, life coach and psychologist all in one session!

Helen, London (UK)

The difference I noticed with Allera is that she gives you realistic tools you can use every day to build the life you want. She’s extremely dedicated to her craft and genuinely wants to see you succeed.

I have made huge changes in my life in as little as 3 months and have maintained the changes, which I wasn’t able to do before. Working with Allera has positively changed my life and I’m so excited about my journey ahead.

Light Centre Moorgate 

London Wall



United Kingdom

Saturday, 27 October 2018 from 12:00 to 15:00 (BST)

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