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Wolf in sheeps clothing: A dance with deception, manipulation and why the Twin Flame mirror theory could be your own demise


I am going to shed some light on a few things that many are not aware of in the awakening community.  However this is not isolated to those within the community this could be something you experience within all interactions with people across all areas of society throughout your life.  Sometimes we need to have an exaggerated example with bright technicolor impact to really see what has been in front of our noses all along.

So I am firstly going to explain a few things that are not all that clear but I see getting banded about a lot.  The use of light worker and dark worker.  There are so many connotations of these terms and each hold a highly emotional and powerful charge re what we perceive these to mean.

Let’s start regarding the soul as essentially we are all on a soul journey.  If I am doing a soul realignment session with a client I will review many aspects with very specific questions to gather a picture of this soul.  I use the term soul as the person you have stood in front of you will not always be reflective or easily identifiable as the soul you are reading for.

One of the first areas I look into are whether there are any blocks to truth.  This means, does this soul use any means of deception to block gaining an accurate soul status and reading.

  • I will check if the soul is using a shell.  Shells are the emotional body of another soul that will be used for either protection or deception.  Deeply disempowered souls may have made a choice to take on the emotional body of another soul almost as a disguise to either hide themselves or feel safer.  If you imagine most people are born in a hospital.  After death the emotional body will remain on the 3rd physical plane for 3 days.  Meaning hospitals are frequently used for birth and death so there’s an abundance of shells around should the newly birthed soul want one.  100% of my clients have used a shell which I remove as they will interfere with the accuracy of ANY spiritual reading you have!  Essentially by using a shell the soul takes on beliefs, taints, imprints and illusions held by the dead soul.  So it will mean the new soul can actually get pulled away from their own Divine soul blueprint as they are working some of the other souls ‘stuff’!  A shell device will also mean that unless removed before a reading (including a psychic trying to check if someone is a Twin Flame) they won’t get an accurate reading as they are actually getting a mix of the soul and the shell (of another soul) that they are hiding behind.  These should always be removed.
  •  Is this soul a positive or negative soul?  Now a positive soul means that they seek their life force energy from the Divine creator source.  If a soul is a negative soul they will seek their life-force energy from others.  Meaning they will energy harvest and siphon from others as the soul has made choices which has aligned it to work in this way.  It’s a parasitic practise and I see this again through Twin Flames and many clients and different family connections they are involved with.  It means as a soul they have forgotten their connection to divine creator source and have for whatever reason chosen to take energy from others often through chaos, fear, abuse and through having multiple sexual partners.  Due to these patterns they as souls are connected into lower energy soul groups and connections who predominantly work with dark/fear based energies.  These patterns will follow them lifetime to lifetime getting them entangled in all sorts of mess including magic assignments and missions for soul groups to cause more fear/chaos/pain to ensure the negative energy supply is kept abundant.  Most of this is completely unconscious to the 3d individual but will be reflected in their day to day choices, the people they hang around with and what they focus their attention on.  There is no judgement here it’s just the souls choice in how they experience themselves.  Many souls will gain a lot of learning through experiencing themselves through negative/dark energy.  In most cases they are choosing to learn through suffering, separation and the illusions that they are unworthy of a connection with Divine source.
  • At root this is the basis behind a positive soul ‘light worker’ and negative soul ‘dark worker’.  The soul always has a choice should they want to switch ‘teams’ but it’s not an easy task to untangle yourself once you try.  A soul working negative energy will be pulled back and experience resistance to move away from their patterns, the people and spiritual connections they have gotten themselves bound to.  This can be a way to gain strength and a lot of learning in breaking free if they truly decide to make a new strong declaration to Divine light.  If they ask for help they will receive support and assistance in doing so.  Whether they will accept it is another matter.  It’s not a battle to do alone and this is where the ego will work against them as they need the support to make this transition and it’s part of their deep soul healing in trusting in their connection to source and the love that was always there for them.
  • Is the soul using façade devices, mirrors or light power imaging?  Light power imagining or mirror techniques are used by both positive and negative souls as a way to prevent a person from seeing the true soul status (who they truly are).  It’s also a technique used by those practicing dark arts (past/present life) and who are basically connected into many negative groups, souls and collectives.  Imagine someone surrounding themselves with mirrors in all directions so all they only ever reflect back is whatever they are facing.  Never showing their true selves and this is exactly what it is.  It could be used to practise dark arts to hide their actions and any number of potential negative purposes.  It could also be used by a positive soul who has been brought into a situation surrounded by many negative souls and is used to hide themselves and fit in.  Meaning they don’t become life force ‘food’ to those around them to feed off.  So they use mirror techniques at soul level (so will be unconscious) but this will definitely be acted out in their day to day life and relationships.  It creates a level of distance as you can never truly connect with the soul behind the mirror.  As all they are doing is mirroring back at you.  These people come from all walks of life and may use these techniques to fit in and feel safe.  It also helps them manipulate others as they will quickly gain trust as they are just mirroring back at a person so they feel that recognition/connection.  So can come across as very charming nice people. The challenge comes for light power imagers to connect with their true selves as souls.  They have used these techniques for so long they don’t know who they are as they are constantly changing themselves to be like others.  This is where their chameleon behaviour bites them in the end as they become detached and lost from their own true core self.  As many are hooked into other negative souls, they will be mirroring them and start to believe that’s who they are!

Unless Light power imaging is identified and removed you will not get an accurate spiritual/psychic reading.  Someone using these techniques is actually what I see in many of the instances across the Twin Flame community when people believe they are caught up with their Twin Flame and it’s just a person using Light power imaging.  This is why the mirroring ‘healing’ method isn’t always helpful unless you have really done the prior clearing each and every time you assess a situation.

This means every time I do a healing session for someone I would have to remove the light power imaging and façade devices.  If the soul doesn’t want to be read they will also put the facades back up mid reading.  To be in a relationship with a  soul who uses this would be like a dance with a wolf in sheeps clothing.  You would never truly know that person yet the intoxicating connection would have you deluded into thinking you did but would be a complete illusion till the mask was ever pulled off.

All of these techniques and pieces of information need to be used and cleared before I start ANY KIND OF SPIRITUAL WORK OR HEALING TO GAIN ACCURACY!

These techniques are often accompanied by many other red flag warning behaviours but they are often overlooked as the mirroring and spark of connection and the illusion of deep connection that you have met an equal is so overpowering and intense.  Due to this it also makes you very vulnerable to being manipulated, abused, used and taken advantage of (physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually).  On an energetic level these techniques are often used to gain trust and create a smoke and mirrors effect.  Meaning people will let someone into their inner circle and personal space much sooner than is safe.  As these souls are often negative, so thrive from the energy of others, If you are sucked into the illusion, trust them too soon and find yourself entangled with them, you will also be allowing them to fully plug into your chakras and energy field.  Sucking you dry.  Bringing confusion, an energetic push/pull and can also cause people to start bypassing any intuitive guidance or healthy boundaries as they have fallen for the deception being played out.

Amongst my clients I have seen people lied and manipulated by their Twin Flames who are using these techniques for money.  I have seen men manipulating women for sex using these methods.  I have seen clients manipulated by their counterparts who are choosing in this lifetime to work with negative energy instead of source and they have found themselves opened up to negative entity attachments due to their counterpart sleeping with multiple partners behind their back.  I have seen many people for years put their complete lives on hold for their Twin Flame counterparts believing the connection to be genuine and reciprocated only to uncover the person living a double life with a secret family and mistresses!  The problem is that we are all learning soul lessons of discernment, trusting our intuition (not ignoring all the red flags) and stepping into our power (including taking it back from any person or situation which is draining us).  Each one of these people were lost in a sea of smoke and mirrors and couldn’t see any reality till they came to work with me and we started getting to the root of what was going on.

To note, I would like to suggest we can start to help ourselves more by dropping the labels of Twin Flames, Karmic soulmates, false Twin Flames, near Twin Flames.  If we changed our perspective for a moment and recognised that pretty much everyone in your present life has been part of one of your past lives.  Recognising they are back in your life now to complete some form of unfinished business and ultimately karma.  We would better understand that all of these connections including Twin Flames are karmic in nature.  So instead of trying to focus on whether a person entering your life is a Twin Flame or a karmic soulmate.  Why not take a more empowered stance and ask yourself why is this person in my life, who are they at soul level and what am I learning.   How do I feel with this person in my life?  How do they affect my energy?  Are they a radiator or a drain?

If you could take a detached step back regardless of the intensity of the attraction you would be able to practise more discernment and avoid a lot of chaos and heart ache.  Meaning you start to learn your soul lessons on your terms which would be through a more self loving approach instead of pain, suffering, drama and chaos.  All from sussing out who the players are in your life!

In my own situation I now also check out in the Akashic records how I know someone and what past lives are playing out now between us.  Thus learning what lessons I’m learning through the connection and also if I have outstanding obligations and soul contracts with this person which need to be rescinded.  Often this is the case and as soon as I clear them the connection and person will leave my life as they weren’t here for the long term growth.  I’ve empowered myself in how I clear my karma and learn my soul lessons and it’s minus the drama where possible.

I had my own existential learning which has enabled me to help others in this area.  The connection with this soul gave me such a deep teaching and learning into someone actively living as a negative soul including being involved with the dark arts in this lifetime, having no boundaries, using light power imaging, soul shifting, using shell devices, compulsive lying, manipulation, deception, very low self worth and self love, unable to have compassion for others, very low empathy, someone who embodies all that is wrong regarding negative patriarchy male programming including using prostitutes, treating women as sex objects, anger issues, addictions, someone who was so self deluded about not only himself but also in what negativity surrounded him and the truth of the people around him.  He had an image of himself as some kind of successful stag but in reality it was like a donkey believing he was a stallion.  He was so lost in the illusions and lies he had created of himself he actually believed his own hype.  He lost the truth of who he was as at root.  He deeply disliked himself and didn’t believe he was loveable.  He fed off the validation and sexual attention gained from women completely to prop up his own self worth.  Other than that he was the equivalent of the living dead.  He was a very fragmented soul when I met him and he was living his life with a death wish.

In meeting this soul what I actually saw was the true self within him.  I connected with his heart.  That true soul had a big beautiful heart deep down but he was so shut off he just wasn’t able to see it.  He was dedicated to his own path of self-destruction which became magnified through his awakening as he clung onto to his old patterns.

I want to add that at soul level this was a soul who held strong Divine masculine and high priest codes.  At soul level this man had come here to help others and step into his true power.  Instead he seemed to have a mission of using and manipulating each and every person he encountered.  Along the way things had gone completely off piste which was no one else’s fault but his own.  You play with fire and you get burnt.  You hang out with the wrong crowd for a few lifetimes and they aren’t going to want you to come play with your new playmate who popped up in your life to show a very different perspective without a fight!

I noticed in this connection that my energy was being completely drained.  After meeting him he would energetically put psychic hooks into my solar plexus and sacral chakra.  I had my first taste of entity attachments through him as they were passed through these etheric cords.  It was like a super needy parasitic energy and it continued into my dream time.  Causing a lot of negative astral travel as it lowered my vibration.  He fed off my attention, kindness, and the help and healing offered to him.  He fed off my light essentially!  Forgetting he had his own access to source if he chose another path.  Yet in my drive to help him I was allowing him!  My helping him was an unconscious permission as such.  This is something we all do from the kindness of our hearts often not understanding the energetic connotations. There was also a controlling energy to it all.  In that he on some level believed he owned me which was linked back to a past life connection.  All in all a very toxic scenario and a huge wake up call and lesson for me.

I dug into what was going on.  I found many soul contracts of protection and healing to help him and his children.  This had caused a strong drive in me to fulfil them against all costs and anything that tried to get in the way was swiftly cleared.  I am very much lioness energy in spirit and this become fierce due to this connection.  I am very protective of those I care about and this was hugely activated due to the past life obligations I’d made with him.

I also had marriage contracts and agreements to have a children with him which had been repeated across lifetimes.  So there were many old past life and cellular memories stirred up which make connections blurred around what is now and what is then.  Along with all the trauma and unfinished business to be closed out.

When I discovered the light power imaging and shattered the mirror devices he was using at soul level, it was how I finally tore off his mask.  When I uncovered truly how he was living and how he was treating people I recall thinking to myself how lucky I was to have dodged a bullet.  I would never have a sexual/romantic relationship with ANY man like that.  It made me shudder to think that had anything progressed into fulfilling those contracts I would have been connected into a very negative collective.  We were well and truly playing for different teams.  Getting myself fully disconnected from this soul and everything that was agreed between us was my next lesson.

I was shown there had been a window for our connection to further progress if we had chosen.   This would have allowed him to activate the dormant divine masculine codes he hadn’t been able to access whilst in his chosen state of illusion.   I was shown that it was a complete life transformation and would have tumbled down the house to rebuild a palace.  He would have made the transition to realign to his true soul self and Divine light.  Switching from a negative to positive soul.  Yet these timelines are like sliding doors opportunities.  There had been a 6 months opportunity from when we first met for this to happen.  Windows open and close all of the time we have to at times listen to our intuition and jump at that moment before they close.  By the end of this connection I had grown exponentially and he had chosen to stay as he was.  All that remained was him constantly trying to use me as an energy life raft.  It was at that point that I realised in my kindness, love and compassion for this soul and trying to help him, I was actually limiting him.  He was quite stubborn and determined to do things his way.  I was just giving him an ego boost and an energy high by showing him any attention.  He just hoovered it up and went looking for the next victim.

I knew that by not disconnecting I would have been cheating him out of the opportunity of soul growth, strength and fighting for his own life through the darkness,  if that was what he decided to choose in future.  He had to want that for himself.  I could never have done that for him.  You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink.

As he was set on staying where he was i decided this connection wasn’t worth holding myself back for.  It was also a direct link into a lot of negativity which is a block to abundance and manifestation.  Not what I wanted in my daily life experience.  So rather than trying to save him from himself I set him free to do what he wanted.

It had been quite clear from day one what his soul wanted and this was confirmed by number of times he dodged death doors in the time I knew him.  I couldn’t understand what was holding me there still till I was shown his death certificate and that as a soul he had chosen to die age 44.  My soul had known this and I knew our connection was an intervention of sorts.  I found at soul level I had also agreed to help him transition to the light in the form of a spiritual midwife contract.  This was enough for me.  The buck stopped there as I knew I wouldn’t be carrying that out.  I had done enough already.  So I’d learnt a lot from this connection but now it was time for me to call back all my energy and power and rescind these obligations causing me to  take a very different view on how I helped others on their journey in future.

This meant I stopped all contact and interaction.  Wished him all the best and happiness in his life.  Thanked him for the lessons and moved on with my life.  He later tried adding me to his work email distribution so I started receiving mails from his company- like a hi don’t forget me tactic!  Straight away I deleted and unsubscribed.  I no longer focussed any attention on him.   Otherwise I’d be giving my energy to a negative situation.   Once I cleared the past lives with him it was like a huge disconnect.  I really didn’t feel the same about him anymore.  No attraction at all.  The spark was just the karma to be cleared.  I rescinded all spiritual agreements, obligations and contracts which him.  I knew that with the energies he was playing with he and his children were always at risk, demonic attachments had been a theme for him and unfortunately his kids.  Yet he now had to fight his own battles and start protecting himself and his family.  I vowed never to help him again as I didn’t want to take away all the satisfaction he would gain from learning his lessons for himself.  He was free to savour the taste of stepping into his own power without me bailing him out.  By me rescuing him I was keeping him small.

The friendship was conditional and meant I gave and he took.  So I stopped giving.  He tried to continue to take energetically through cording but my energetic boundaries were set and he realised this wasn’t a wise idea after a couple of tries.  I removed all residue of his energy from my energy body multi dimensionally as having him in my field would have lowered my vibration.  As soon as I did this I felt consistent happiness, peace and joy for the first time since meeting him.  It showed me how much having a negative soul in my life affected every aspect of my daily experience.  It was like waking up from a bad dream and walking into a field surrounded in flowers.  The contrast was huge.

Something else happened…my manifestations started to appear as my vibration shifted upwards to align with what I had been asking for rather than being on a lower set point keeping him afloat.

How many of you are caught up with a wolf in sheeps’ clothing?

  • How many red flags are you ignoring?
  • Does your connection drain you or nourish you?
  • What is the balance of giving and receiving in the connection?
  • Remember what you focus your energy and attention on literally opens the doors and has access to your space energetically.  Are you experiencing increased negative entity attachments and bad dreams (negative astral travel since having this person in your life)?
  • Does this persons words and actions correspond?  Do they walk their talk?  Have you caught them out lying and they turn it around and make it your fault?  Do they deflect any meaningful questions you have?
  • Does this person use you for money, sex, attention (ego boost)?
  • Do you feel safe with this person?  Is there an undercurrent feeling of fear and anxiety that you have confused for excitement?  Which is you intuition warning you.
  • If you have an argument with the person do you feel yourself drained or find yourself feeling dizzy, sick or confused afterwards (signs of psychic attack).
  • Are you relying heavily on trying to decipher what their behaviour means using the mirror technique and finding yourself confused and like nothing is really improving/changing.  There is still no clarity other than more of your energy is drained as you focus on trying to seek clarity through the illusions.

I learnt so much from this connection about the power of a past life playing out.  How the past life connections with people bring up all the old emotions, love, anger, fear and need to help or ‘do’ something with a person.  It can completely pull you off course if you don’t stop and question what is going on.  It showed me how the soul will literally go to the end of the earth to fulfil a soul contract even if it’s not in their highest and best good to do so and even if the other person is not wanting to fulfil their bit.  Yet that ultimately we all have the power to say NO.  The buck stops here.  Regardless of what happened in however many past lives and what we have agreed to do at soul level.  Souls don’t always act from their true divine selves they do get corrupted, injured and manipulated along the way and things really aren’t all love and light.

We really do have to get honest with ourselves to step into our power in this lifetime.  Self love and self-empowerment are the keys to break free from negative unhealthy connections.  It’s one of the biggest lessons on this path!  Your vibe attracts your tribe and sometimes we have to make some changes to create the space to rise and attract new loving likeminded souls into our lives

Love and blessings

Allera xx


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