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Wipe the slate clean with forgiveness


Mary Magdalene has been coming through to me again recently & once again I’m being guided on another magical mystery tour.  I’ve learnt as soon as I get the nudge I have to take action there & then.  The details follow & usually it flows at super quick speed.

One of the things highlighted to me was that many aren’t fully aware of the monumental shifts for our benefit that have occurred in the past year.  One of which being the karmic template being dismantled in August 18.  Meaning we can now clear the looping pattern chains that have bound us to cycles of learning through suffering & often 3d matrix distortion.  It’s not a get out of jail free card.  We still have to proactively do the deep inner work.  It just means our release is going to be quicker & we can elevate out of the vibrations set point many of us have been trapped in (in particular due to ancestral & societal karma).

Many may be aware they have to look at areas such as past lives & childhood wounding.  Perhaps even understand they need to look at soul core wounding.  Yet they may dip in and out of doing this work or find themselves in ruts unable to escape.  Tangled in their own webs of illusion.  So never really getting to create lives and businesses aligned to their purpose.

This is where a coach that can see straight to the root of the issue can help accelerate this clearing process.  They can see our blind spots.  Make us consciously aware of them, face them, understand it, be accountable for the actions & ultimately transmute & transform it.  Helping us slay the demon rather than be tethered & tortured by it.  Then onto the next layer.

One of the big pieces I was guided to share is that we need the start creating a daily practice of forgiveness.  We get very focussed on clearing the past and forget that as every second passes we are in effect adding to that past timeline.  So every day becomes part of our past & ultimately is being added to the timeline bank.  So what are you adding to that bank daily?  This is something to ask yourself.

If you imagine the Akashic Records is the soul records that holds all thoughts, choices & actions.  You are literally adding to your legacy daily.  Your thoughts, beliefs & actions create your reality.

In a normal daily routine how are you mastering your thoughts & subsequent actions?  How many judgemental or unconscious jealous, angry thoughts do you have about people daily?  How many times do you snap at someone as you are tired?  How often do you react rather than meet a situation or person from the present moment?  Ultimately how much self caused chaos & discord do you allow into your daily experience?  As everything in the past paragraph is created by the master manifestor that is YOU!

Can you see how mindlessly we can create havoc for ourselves that affects the much wider picture of the soul journey.  Every thought & word is a command to the universe.

Daily forgiveness is a way to wipe the slate clean.  To get accountable & rather than hold further regrets, grudges, guilt, anger and fear.  We can face it, acknowledge the ‘why’ & forgive ourselves & whoever else may be involved.

It’s a practice of daily self love so we don’t add more baggage to the loaded karmic backpack to clear.  It releases the heaviness this stuff manifests in our hearts & blocks us from love.  You see it’s hard to hold a state of love if your smouldering with rage!

It also gets us acquainted with a daily practice of letting go.  We learn to forgive ourselves and others with ease.  We start to release what doesn’t serve us more freely.  We feel lighter & more in the flow of life.

In doing so we elevate our consciousness to a more unified state.  One that is closer to our true soul resonance.  In doing so we help day by day to create a new world morphic field of resonance.  This only happens when enough people contribute to the field. The new world consciousness starts with YOU!  As within so without!

There’s no short cuts & no one can do it for you.  It’s your choice & you take the action.

If you are committed to creating a new life for yourself & would like help in emptying the karmic backpack.  Allowing you to transform your life in a matter of weeks rather than years.  Then reach out for more information at www.purelight1111.com


Allera xx

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