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Why are you creating resistance to receiving more abundance?


Are you done blocking (aka resisting) your next up level? ?

You see it’s catch 22!

A very uncomfortable spot to sit in too! One that brings anxiety, fear and generally a bout of excuses followed by helplessness!?

All because YOU are creating resistance to the flow of next level abundance that wants to come your way!

I see it time & time again with women!

You see you won’t up-level your money or rise into the next level of impact and influence if it doesn’t feel SAFE to do so.

Behind the goals & desires you’ve set,  a huge load of old trauma stories & distorted limiting beliefs are raising their heads.  Streaming nonsense into your mind that to move towards your desires means the ultimate fear- death, failure, loss or disappointment!

Yet none of this is true!

You’re just projecting an old wound into the future as a way to keep safe!

Yet it doesn’t keep you safe.  It keeps you unsatisfied!

We are worth so much more than a life led like that! ?

It was through unpeeling these layers with clients and myself that I have been guided to bring through a one off Mastermind!?

Have you realised why men don’t approach uplevelling in the same fear based way?

That they confidently say ‘’Yes’’ to opportunities & jump right in even if they aren’t the expert and there aren’t guarantees?

I was downloaded the reason…

Three pivotal codes that women are not activating.  Something that would hold them so solid and unwavering in their abilities to jump in, say yes and receive all that’s on offer on the table.  Not just scraps! ?

It’s the ‘I Can Programming’’ code.?

Once the old trauma pieces are released this can be activated.

Which leads to the ‘’ I will’ programming code.  This is all about commitment.  Conviction & being all in as there is such a self belief around taking aligned action!  ?

How many of you won’t commit to relationships, business, self care and following the steps you reach your goals!

The keys then open the ‘’ I am programming code.  Master code and affects all the matrix software you are running!  This has the power to over ride the lower misaligned patterning that keeps rearing it’s head!?

So now is the time beautiful souls!

Join me on Thursday 23rd July at 6:30-8:30pm via Zoom for this transformational mastermind!

Where we are going release the old stories, trauma & belief programming holding them in place & activate the new codes so you can start to see quantum leaps in your manifesting & raise your vibrational set point!??

This means being so solid & embodied with this belief architecture that your whole energy matrix field will start to attract a very different reality!??

As integration is super important to stop the monkey mind kicking in! I’m also doing a 1hour bonus Q&A for the Mastermind group on the 24th July! ??

Consider this…

How differently would your life experience have been without the old stories sabotaging your perception?

How would life have been if it was just a default expectation that you could do, be, express in any way you wanted and it would feel amazing and was the path to more money, fulfilling relationships & self expression?

Well very few women have had that!  So now is your opportunity to change up that narrative!❤️?❤️

Allera xx

Spots still available!  Book here:



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