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Whose guidance are you following?


Whose directions are you following?  This also translates to, whose path are you following?  Whose guidance are you following?  Who did you give away your power to?

Take a moment and look back at the past week and reflect on whether you have done any of the following?

  • Whilst in a panic about how to respond to a Twin Flame issue.  How many times in the past week did you post on FB asking for ‘anyone’ to advise and help?
  • How many times in the past week did you take advice to make changes in your life relating to (your relationship, Twin Flame, money, business, family, your wellbeing) from someone you didn’t know, had no experience of their credentials, experience, work or results?
  • How many times did you take guidance from a random person on Facebook/social media offering free card readings?
  • How many times in the past week did you spend over an hour a day reading and commenting in forums on Facebook (by re telling YOUR Story) when someone was asking for help?  Using this as a platform to vent your frustrations, or unknowingly add lower energy to someone’s already panicked state?
  • How many of you followed the advice given from a person on social media forums, where the person gave you unsolicited psychic readings/messages telling you what you should do (under the guise that your guides, angels, Elmo and Jabba the Hutt told them to pass it on)?

This is one of the biggest challenges on the awakening path.  Many are stuck in a cycle of disempowerment through constantly seeking guidance on what to do from outside of themselves.  Often without any discernment regarding who they are reaching out to for help.  It’s no better than running out in the street and grabbing the first person you see.  Giving them a download about your relationship issues and then taking whatever advice that person gives you!  Many are essentially handing over their power daily in this way through the social media forums, especially for Twin Flames.  It’s not only limiting their soul growth it’s keeping them from carrying out their Divine soul contract and creating a life they are passionate about.

Consider this, when you are in a state of fear, potentially going through Dark Night of the soul, questioning your sanity with the rapid expansion of your consciousness and the walls of your known reality are shattering around you.  Who do you want to be there to help you?  Any old person that decides to answer a Facebook message?  Wouldn’t you rather have someone who can not only take you out of the ‘state of panic’ you are in, provide you with the grounded support, required healing (for body, mind, soul) and who understands the awakening path?  This means getting honest with yourself and making a commitment to invest in your healing.  Taking time to find the support you need (in advance of a meltdown).  Someone who is going to be able to consistently support whilst you peel the layers of the energetic onion of self.  Someone who has walked the path themselves and has got through the other side and is living their truth.

This journey calls you to learn to go inside, notice the signs and messages you are given by your higher self and build trust in your inner compass.  In truth we are all our own inner masters and teachers.  We are all connected to source.  We can all heal ourselves if we are taught the tools and methods to do so.  The transition to getting to that place is through completing the soul lessons of intuition, discernment and self-empowerment.  That means along the way we will need some help from others whose wisdom, skills and experience can give us insight, healing and hold sacred space to face our deepest wounds and darkest shadows.

I see teachers and healers as those who assist others through transitions and help them reach milestones.  They help to shine light on a new path, providing that nudge of encouragement, which supports someone in embracing and believing in their own inner compass.  Trusting their guidance and inner map enough to start listening and following it.  It’s a relationship agreed at soul level.  I know as part of my Divine Soul contract, I have agreed to offer that role for many souls.  This is why I wrote the Twin Flame Healing program and offer healing/coaching sessions, to help others go from initial awakening to carrying out their life plans.

This also means that whilst I may be part of peoples journey.  I am not their spiritual life raft.  There is no room for co-dependency on this journey.  I empower to give them the confidence and trust to guide themselves.  It means that as they step into their own power and move forwards on their journey our paths may or may not cross again.  This is what’s agreed at soul level.  It’s truly the opposite of what guru’s and teachers offer, who aim to act and restrict growth within a spiritual hierarchy.  In truth lessons are learnt by the teacher with every client they meet.  It’s an exchange.  Growth is provided for both parties.

So how do you start to accomplish discernment on this journey?  I am seeing this is a big lesson that’s coming up for both the Divine Feminine and Masculine at this time. Though it’s manifesting in different ways.

The Divine Masculine has had his mask ripped off.  He’s being forced to face the wounded man beneath and how in truth he was his own worst bully throughout.  He’s recognising that it’s his own self sabotage, his own fears, weaknesses, desires and cravings for superficial gains over others that has got him to where he is.  The addicted numbing agents, habits, social network has been stripped away in many cases.  Making him wonder how he survived living a life in the fast lane, hurtling towards a death door for so long?  He’s having the chilling realisation that he was unknowingly signing his children up to follow in his footsteps!  He’s looking at his children, their faces and their need for him to step up and show them his inner gentle warrior and leader.  He wants to divert their path to one which takes them to a more honest, fulfilling and positive destination.  Where they can shine their lights in confidence of who they truly are.

The challenge he faces is trusting his intuition and guidance enough to follow through with action.  For so long he has been controlled by his desires and addictions, puppeteered by lower energies and led by his peers.  He thought he was in control, he thought he was the one running the show but that illusion has been shattered and it’s left him doubting himself.  He’s being called to connect with his higher self and start to ask questions.  This will help him listen to the signs that are being given to him.  At the moment the timing cycles are being realigned as he is missing the windows, ignoring the guidance and synchronicity.  He has tried to seek answers in his mind and all he has found are doubts, fears and old illusions.  This has kept him stuck.  Now is time for change and action.

The Divine Masculine is wanting to reach out to the Divine Feminine but his mind is getting in the way.  He’s allowing it to overshadow the heart, his feelings, the constant stream of thoughts, dreams and guidance he receives from her.  He’s in planning mode, looking to the future and what he can build.  He’s pulled down the walls of his current life and now must rebuild it.

The challenge he is facing is that he’s trying to do this path alone.  Trusting no one, let alone himself.  Shutting down the constant messages his higher self gives him to re connect.  The Divine Feminine is the key to the intuitive guidance, inner wisdom and creation.  Her strengths compliment and support his abilities to ground these ideas and changes into the physical with his action.  The souls are pushing for this now.  The co-creation of their shared strong foundations for the future.

Action: Help for Divine Masculine

After clearing your energy…

  • Each morning connect to the 7th plane (use the Strong Foundations Energy Clearing Meditation to get familiar).  Say the following command:  Creator of all that is I command that my higher self is integrated into my lower self, physical body in the most amount that is possible at this time.  In the highest and best way.  Thank you it is done.  You will feel energy (your soul) coming into your body.  Helping you be more connected and grounded day to day.
  • The more you do your healing work, look after your body, clean up your diet and change your beliefs, the more of your higher self (soul) can remain in your physical body each day.
  • Whilst connected to the 7th plane.  Say the following: Creator of all that is I command to be connected to my higher self now through the 7th plane.  In the highest and best way.  Thank you it is done.
    • Whilst in this state ask you higher self if there is anything they would like you to know at this time. (The response should be positive and make sense).
    • Ask what healthy actions and changes can be incorporated into your life that will mean that your higher self will want to stay in the body more?  Then carry them out and see how it feels.  This will help you start to trust your intuition.  The key is to never seek guidance whilst feeling low or when you haven’t cleared your energy.

The Divine Feminine is still trying to avoid stepping fully into her power.  She’s very intuitive but she’s doubting herself and this is causing chaos.  She is being heavily influenced by the energetic shifts and they’re stirring up her whole family.  Some of the old templates of self-sacrifice are meaning she isn’t truly embracing self-love.  She’s slipping into old ways of wanting the ‘easy’ option.  Which is to want the man by her side to ‘solve’ her discomfort and to fill her with love.  She has come forward in leaps and bounds but is inadvertently self-sabotaging out of fear of stepping out and shining her light in the world.

When she goes into self-doubt, fear and chaos, she is disconnected from her true inner wisdom, guidance and essentially her brilliance.  Now it’s time to get very clear about what she truly wants, making a plan and starting to get the wheels in motion.  Removing all drama and chaos around her and taking some time out to go inwards and re-connect with her heart.  She too is being called to create strong foundations for the future.

Action: Help for Divine Feminine

  • Commit to love herself.  Write and commit to what she does for herself daily regardless of what external demands are made of her.  She has to make this her default.  Until she does she will constantly experience imbalance within and in all her relationships.  This means filling the inner well with love and meeting her own needs first.  This will mean she remains connected to her higher self, creativity and joy so she can offer more to others.  She won’t be disconnected, burnt out and resentful.  Especially important in the run up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Each morning connect to the 7th plane (use the Strong Foundations Energy Clearing Meditation to get familiar).  Say the following command:  Creator of all that is I command that my higher self is integrated into my lower self, physical body in the most amount that is possible at this time.  In the highest and best way.  Thank you it is done.  You will feel energy (your soul) coming into your body.  Helping you be more connected and grounded day to day.
  • Rather than reaching out to a random person through a social media form for help.  Get proactive.  Find one or two supporters whether they are a healer or coach that can get you through each wave of peeling the energetic onion (these cycles don’t stop, so during the steady stage take action to put this support in place).  Doing this not from a place of chaos but from a place of self-empowerment and with discernment.

If I was to work with a healer these are the things I would consider:

  1. What are their credentials (have they personal experience of the Twin Flame journey/spiritual awakening, can they heal on the mind, body and soul level)?
  2. If I am going to them for help/coaching/support in building a soul aligned business (one that is assisting carrying out my Divine Soul contract), what experience do they have?  Are they relying on textbook tools of business coaching (excluding energetics)?  If so, then it would be limiting.  Once our soul vibration raises above 5.0 (means a conscious awareness of ourselves as souls) our business activities need to be in alignment with the soul plan or it will result in blocks and restrictions for growth and profitability.  Can they assist in identifying and removing these in the physical and energetically?
  3. Have they got testimonials or have I received a referral?
  4. Can they heal multi dimensionally (including past lives/parallels)? Do they have a clinical understanding of trauma, abuse and the effects on development and the body (inc nervous system and brain)?  Have they experience of healing these?
  5. Do they have insurance and are they qualified (whether clinical or a healing modality)?
  6. Will the healer clear their own energy before and after our session (ensuring they aren’t corded in any way to myself afterwards)?  This is very common as many healers haven’t cleared up beliefs around misguided compassion, have poor energetic boundaries and this forms an unhealthy attachments.
  7. Does the person drink alcohol within 48 hours prior to a session?  This will affect their ability to hold safe energetic space.  Our energetic fields are compromised for a couple of days after just one drink.
  8. When I look the healers’ photo and their business website (which is a dependant energetic entity connected to the healer).  What is the vibration I pick up on?  How does it make me feel?  Do I feel that this persons intentions come from a place of love and that you feel safe to expose your wounded  parts with this person?  Does this person seem professional?

When we take small steps, in a matter of days we can turn around and barely see our starting place behind us in the distance.  This is how it feels when you start to tune in and trust your inner intuition and guidance.  You begin to trust and also discern.  You become self-empowered.  The answers are within you.

If you feel ‘off or low’.  The guidance you receive will reflect this and won’t be accurate.  If the message becomes negative or doesn’t feel like it comes from a loving place, clear your energy and change state (go and do something else).  Then come back to it later.

You will be surprised at how much growth and inner support awaits you by committing to building a dialogue with your higher self (your soul)!

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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