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Who is your future self?


What if you tapped into the future version of you & saw she was very different to how you are now?

What if she looked, dressed & held herself more confidently?

What if she had different hair & dressed differently?

What if you could see her shining with more radiance?

She seemed more free & her energy felt lighter.

She exuded her feminine energy & you could feel her magnetism

What if you asked her about the challenges she faces & you realised they are completely different to what you face now.  To her they are past news, long forgotten.  She mastered them.

What if you saw the landscape of her life & noticed new faces.  New friends, new communities, new clients & perhaps a new partner.  Understanding she holds a key to unlock this reality to you.

What if you asked to see her bank balance & the past months transactions.  Seeing the flow of money in and out.  Where she had chosen to invest in herself, her business, her health & family.  Then seeing that money return back in keeping with the energetic flow of money to assist our growth on Earth.  You see the balance growing & in overflow.  She is showing you that change is possible for you.  That you can break free from your money patterns of feast & famine, debt, spending addictions or hoarding.

She offers you an insight into who you can step into if you choose

Yet it starts with a choice

It is locked in with a desire for more

It comes with knowing you were made for more

It comes with a promise, vow & commitment to self to create the change within & in your own life to bring the new into fruition

It starts one day at a time!

Are you ready to choose more?

Come join me in the Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur Group as I have something to share with you on Monday!


Enjoy your morning! I’m off to the gym for my 3rd PT this week…if i want a different result i am commited to taking different action & bringing in the support I need to make it fun along the way❤️

Transformation doesn’t have to be done alone!

Allera xx

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