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Where’s your pleasure thermostat at?


Gorgeous souls,

Your capacity to experience pleasure requires a journey inwards to clear the pain & trapped energy blocking it

As women we as containers have held on so tightly to the interwoven stories from past, ancestral, collectives & our own unprocessed energy

So our channel becomes blocked It affects our libido- which is literally our appetite for life

Our body is the instrument we are gifted with to oscillate, conjure & create our most brightest dreams into form

Many of the spiritual teachings are obsessed with purity & ascending out of the body. Creating a deep wound of shame & sadness at this unconscious separation from the divine gift of your precious body whilst on this Earthly plane

Yet to manifest you are bringing soul desire into physical form using the body as a vehicle Your body is the amazing technology to project your soul energy into quantum to reflect back to you what you hold inside

Which is why to fully access the power of your soul frequency for creation on this plane we need to go into the Pandora’s box of body consciousness

For women who identify as healers, priestesses, light workers. You will know that not all methods go deep enough. You realise that to free yourself it requires a level of conscious awareness of ‘What’ you are clearing to fully pull the whole thread from all fields

It frees us to channel the Lover energy without distortion

It frees us to stop magnetising the distortions to us as we’ve cleared the inner distorted lens

The tide is turning for women who choose to no longer align to a broken reality that’s reflected in our current society She is a co- creator & her bliss IS part of the new feminine template to be anchored

If this journey of freedom speaks to you… Join us starting on 14th Feb ❤️


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