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Where is your Financial thermostat?


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

So did you know you have a financial thermostat?

This will show up as what you are most comfortable with

To add you might be so used to the drama of feast and famine.  So your thermostat stays there.

It might be you find it hard to ground yourself & spend a lot of time disassociated or in the ethers.  So I’m turn it’s hard to manifest what you want as our manifestations are grounded into the physical through your own body!

Yep – wealth creation is created through the physical vessel

Your nervous system is set to perceive danger & if you haven’t done the inner alignment work before taking a big leap (big money investment/house purchase/long term commitment/pivoting your business etc).  Your nervous system will not want to play ball (along with other soul parts of you that will kick in to ‘protect’ you from failure)! Thus you block yourself (unconsciously)!

Upper limits come into play whether I’m working with a new business owner or someone that’s a high flyer in the Business world!

Many are realising they have changed & now things aren’t flowing anymore.

They are blocked

There’s many parts to this but to context it will happen every time soul contracts expire & you need to change direction or you are fearing stepping out of your comfort zone & into your next big leap!

These things create pain, suffering & huge amounts of doubt

Not helping you keep the higher frequency alignment to manifest what you want!

It’s part of the inner work that’s needed to re-align you

Another missing piece of the puzzle is that.  Law of attraction isn’t the only universal law you’re working with.  So if you are in chaos & doubt & parts of you have fear about the new things you desire.  Your vibration set point for money, wealth, love, joy won’t be aligned!

When we swing between alignment & then dropping.  We send mixed messages into the quantum field this creating dual timelines of outcomes.

One where you elegantly step into what you want & it’s in flow.  Feels expansive & fun.

The other feels blocked, frustrating, like you are waiting.  Never truly getting anywhere.  Guidance feels blocked here too.  So you end up not taking the daily aligned action & feel hopeless.

Naturally we will have moments of doubt.  It’s not about staying positive constantly.  It’s much deeper than that.

Once we go the inner alignment.  We must be in check with our emotional intelligence.  As we can control how we react & respond.  That’s what keeps us empowered.

I have a new group session: Soul Architect Series: Release & Realign on 9th March!

Together we will alchemise the blocks to shifting your thermostat!

Join us here: https://cf.purelight1111.com/reset-realign-masterclass

Love & expansion


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