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When Glastonbury calls . . .


Gorgeous Soul,

Have you ever had that experience?

A deep longing or an urgent calling to go somewhere?

Many allow the daily grind to muffle out these calls.  Even though the same reminders continue to appear.

I’d like you to consider that your spiritual team & soul will orchestrate all manner of scenarios to get you to ‘notice’!

So I’d like you to consider what have you been longing to do but putting off?

Where are you blocking the flow of abundance and the next step due to letting your mind or to do list of practicalities to rule?

Your soul & the magical path it takes you on isn’t logical.

Intuitive guidance isn’t logical.

It’s other worldly as it’s tapped into infinite abundance & potential.  It’s actually the fast track route to more of the good stuff!

Yet we’re not taught that.  We’re taught logic and methodology rule.  Anything other than that is dangerous & must be risk assessed.  If that fails look to the past for answers (then often just project that onto the future without any validity)!

When your caught up in the logical route you often miss the sign posts to a more fulfilling path that accelerates you as it feels fun!

Watch my video.  When I get the guidance I go…

Allera xx

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