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What’s your purpose?


How many times do you ask yourself what is my purpose?

To shine some light on something you may not have considered on the Twin Flame journey.  That some of the dissatisfaction, the suffering, the wondering what am I doing with my life isn’t to do with not having your Twin Flame physically in your life.  It’s a deep inner soul calling trying to ignite you to start going deeper inside to work out WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN THIS LIFETIME.

It’s the piece I often see overlooked by many as they are so far down a rabbit hole of either avoiding taking responsibility for the unhappiness in their own lives or are projecting blame out against their Twin Flame, parents or society for this inner dissatisfaction they now can’t ignore.

Although Twin Flames do have a soul contract to complete a purpose together in this lifetime.  It doesn’t mean life is put on hold till they decide to join the party.  This is you suppressing your own souls Blueprint in this lifetime to create a soul aligned life filled with purpose, joy and fulfilment.  By doing so whist awakened you are heading for a huge existential crisis often where the soul will bring about a situation in your daily 3D life to make you reassess and view things from the higher perspective.  Illness, job losses and sudden changes in living circumstances are the most common I see amongst clients.

They provide a fresh slate with which to review life, see the truth in what unfulfilling or self destructive patterns were at play.  They bring an opportunity for change and new beginnings.  A chance to ALIGN WITH YOUR PURPOSE.

Now you don’t have to go through a huge loss or change to get to that place.  You can COMMIT TO YOURSELF TODAY.  Start now proactively.

This article is from The Sunday Times and is an example of the mainstream wake up movement of people wanting to live on purpose.  It’s no longer satisfying to work solely for money.  It’s now a deep feeling of desire for it to mean more, have a more fulfilling aspect of service and helping others intertwined.  It’s also showing that brand alignment with a companies ethos, values and purpose are a driving factor in where people not only want to work but connects to our purchase and investment choices. This is the ripple effect of change amongst society that is happening now!  What active part of this are you playing?

These aren’t necessary people going through a Twin Flame awakening.  These are people who have listened to the inner calling of their souls and took action now to change so that they felt connection, fulfilment and happiness in their lives.  It’s noted meditation is a key feature in helping block out the external chatter and allow the intuitive guidance be heard.  So although not on an express Twin Flame awakening they are listening to their higher self guidance!

What is interesting is that there are many ways of ‘waking up’ to who you are as a soul.  It doesn’t all reside in a Twin Flame connection.  WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE AND PERSONAL ABILITY TO CREATE A LIFE OF PURPOSE.

So perhaps today try to shift your focus for a few hours.  Instead of focussing of the perceived lack or longing of your Twin Flame in your life.  Try considering what changes can I make for myself now to live my truth?  What can I start doing today that sets me on the road to actually living my soul purpose?  What is stopping me carrying out my life purpose and what changes am I going to make in my life NOW to overcome them!

Life is short.  Don’t put happiness and fulfilment on hold!  Get out and shine your light bright!

Love and blessings

Allera xx



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