What’s your default set point (hint what are you attracted to)? - Pure Light 1111

What’s your default set point (hint what are you attracted to)?


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I wanted to connect in with you & share this FB live with you!

This is a power packed one!  Mainly as it highlights so many blind spots!

So it carries many gifts!

I have been explaining about the energetic set point you are actually aligned to & how this is your point of attraction.

Consider your family have an energetic set point.  Does this align you to poverty experiences or wealth?

Do your day to day interactions out you into blame and frustration or do you find yourself solid in your power & not wavered by others moaning or drama?

This all has a huge impact on your ability to not only manifest what you desire but hold it!

Watch the full video here…

If you are ready for a new set point & to release yourself from swinging between drama & Joy!  Then join us in the mastermind here:


Allera xx


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