What’s it like to play outside the overlay of limitation? - Pure Light 1111

What’s it like to play outside the overlay of limitation?

Gorgeous Soul,

We want to invite you to connect with streams of potential

Knowing that you as a multi dimensional soul get to play & anchor in which ever field you choose!

It’s a choice

We offer a frequency that you naturally align to whilst in the containers of transformation that Allera offers

Meaning you start to calibrate & play in a different playing field.  One where things move faster & doors open & opportunities pop up out of no where

You see both money & abundance like to play & they like to play fast!

So if you like to play & receive again and again it’s the place to hang out!

Check out Dr Elke Smeets experience of working both 121 Privately with Allera & taking part in many of her immersions!


Can you access the part of you that knows there’s more for you & that you have it all on the other side of saying ‘yes’ to soul and ‘yes’ to more from this life experience?

Tune in & decide!  It’s always your choice!

Allera & The Galactic Council of Money

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