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What does Energy Hygiene mean to you and why is it important?


I would like you to imagine how you start your day.  Is it anything like this?

Alarm clock goes off.  You snooze…twice, then drag yourself out of bed.  Rush around the house, feeding pets, jump in the shower then back out, throw on your clothes.  Spend 2 mins in panic trying to find your keys.  Then the dash to the tube station starts.  You climb onto a packed tube and nestle into someone’s already fragrant arm pit.  All set for the 30min commute to work.  At every stop new people push their way onto the tube, you contort yourself and your bag into almost impossible positions whilst ensuring you avoid eye contact at all costs.  Closer to your destination there is a huge descent.  You can finally get a seat.  You sit down exhausted and relieved, picking up a free newspaper to read for the final 5 mins of your journey.  Fear filled pages of money crisis, crime, murder and death consume your mind.  Leaving you with an uneasy feeling of anxiety.  You arrive at your stop and quickly push your way off the train and make your way out of the busy station.  As you climb the stairs to the streets above you are dazzled by the bright day light.  You adjust and are quickly pulled into the bustle of a busy road with people rushing in all directions frantically trying to get to their destinations.  You click into motion and orient yourself to keep up with the pace of the crowd.  Hastily walking towards the office.  You arrive at your desk in time and sit down for a few minutes before the phone calls, meetings and e-mails start.  It’s only 8:30am!

This for many is a very normal start to the day.  Much of which is spent on autopilot getting from A to B.  In those first couple of hours of the day this person will have experienced an array of emotions and feelings (panic, fear, frustration, anxiety).  They have also come into physical contact with over 100 people!  In some cases so close they could literally have smelt a person’s arm pit!

Many of us are energetically sensitive to our surroundings whether we are consciously aware of this or not.  This means that we will have not only experienced our own flux of emotions but we would have been affected by everyone else’s emotional charges around us.  This can leave us feeling tired, anxious, perhaps having ruminating thoughts about our journey and replaying events of the person who pushed into you, then trod on your foot and didn’t apologise.  Unknowingly you have picked up the energy of others and are then carrying this around with you for the rest of the day!  This affects your mood, your energy levels and even how everyone else you meet during the day reacts to you.  On a subconscious basis they will sense the mix of different energies and it makes people feel uneasy or on edge without knowing why.  If you are in a job that requires you to be interacting with people or making sales then this is the last thing you want when you’re trying to make a good impression.

There is a quick solution- practise Daily Energy Hygiene!  This isn’t new but it’s something we can all do to regain balance in our busy lives.  I use a variety of different methods.  If I am on the go, I will use the Strong Foundations- Daily Energy Clearing meditation.

This is super quick and can be used anywhere to bring you back into balance.  Removing all energetic interference, triggers, and energy of others which you have absorbed throughout the day.  This means that within a matter of minutes I feel lighter, my mind is clearer and I feel energised.  Ready to carry on with my day regardless of how it started!

Try doing this as a daily routine for a couple of weeks and let me know your results!

Try it here for free…  https://www.purelight1111.com/shop/twin-flame-free-energy-clearing-meditations/

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