Weird dreams, drained, anxiety & psychic attack? ?Watch here? - Pure Light 1111

Weird dreams, drained, anxiety & psychic attack? ?Watch here?


Gorgeous Souls,

We are in such a powerful transition phase on so many levels.

As the mass collective starts their own journey of the soul.  They are being strongly influenced by what I will call energetic interference.  They are in fear & chaos what they thought was solid ground is crumbling daily!

We are all connected to mass consciousness but won’t always be swayed or influenced as strongly by what is going on.  Once we anchor into a higher set point & can hold it.  We are not as open to the games at play.

Yet this time is different.  We’ve seen a surge onto the feminine collective of all reopening a connection to the morphic field of feminine pain & persecution through International women’s day.  Many including myself found themselves taking part in a collective bleed due to this!  Painful periods, night terrors & dreams of torture have been themes.

In the U.K. we have seen a key murder case that has brought up a wave of women addressing feeling unsafe!

Can you see what’s happening here!

Huge collective trauma access points & this isn’t even bringing in the Covid stuff!

I’m seeing a huge amount of energy distortion & it’s getting quite a strong hold.  I even joined mainstream Clubhouse groups for entrepreneurs (mainstream not spiritual) & it was brought up there!!!

So this is the time that we rise!

I always see the gold the other side of the trigger, block & wound.

I’ve been around the block many times with these energies & I’m being guided that now is the time to share with you how.

Allera xx

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