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Want a 121 session with me?


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I received a clear message a month ago…

Some of the women in your groups are stuck!  They need you to see with lazer focus the block, the resistance & the energetic distortion in their fields!

Some are desperately wanting to activate & open up psychically but no matter what they try it’s just not happening!  You know the soul pieces & energy veils that can clog up their abilities & fill them with doubt.

So create an opportunity for them to rapidly receive an intensive 121 session with you!

So this is what I have done!

I am a High Priestess & Multi Dimensional Healer, Coach & Channel.

This session will cover one focus area. I will be doing a form of psychic surgery, light language channeling, soul clearing & magick. This is a bespoke Sonic Prescription which will affect you on a soul, holographic matrix & body consciousness level. You will also be given a specific channeled sound bath that will assist on an upgrade for your endocrine & adrenal system as many women are not able to integrate much of the upgrade work are doing currently and this is resulting in illness.

Due to the powerful nature of this session and the fact that it works on so many levels. It will continue to be integrated into deeper layers each time you listen to it. Your body can only integrate a certain amount of light code transmissions at any one time. So it’s recommended that you listen to this 2x a week for 6 weeks after the session.

Please provide the details of the ONE area of focus (Health, Energy Imbalances/Integration, Psychic Advancement/Ability Activation, Fear of Activating Sexual Priestess/Goddess Power). Please note this session is not for Money or Business related issues). *

Book here:


I will only be offering these for a limited time so women get a chance to get 2021 off to an accelerated start!

Nearly all of the Feb sessions are taken so far!

Allera xx

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