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Vow & declare to raise your frequency to abundance!


💫I vow & declare to raise my frequency to the highest possible at this time.

💫I align myself consciously to what makes me feel emotionally good as a guide that I am on the right path.

💫I look at what habits & thought patterns are limiting me, my body, my purpose & my enjoyment on the planet & release them with ease.

💫I relish in the excitement and creativity of mapping out new routines of self love and care.  So that my radiance can shine bright for others to see amongst the chaos.

💫I hear the signal & share my messages to others so they gain access to the clear higher purpose guidance to step up in all areas now.

💫As I rise those around me gain the opportunity to rise as well.

💫As I focus on the abundance of guidance, wisdom, wealth, magick & my divine goddess power it magnifies & can reach more women.  Touching their hearts and souls as they access my vortex offering them the opportunity of rapid growth of soul, money, spiritual awareness & expanded purpose.

🔥There is a mass awakening occurring and those I am reaching out to know they are the pillars to hold the higher frequencies in place till others too can rise from the depths of their inner chaos.

❤️Beautiful souls this is the time for you to step out of the shadows and be seen.

💴❤️💰It’s time for you to dig deep into your money story & fears of worthiness so you can step out of lack & into the alignment of abundance mindset.  When you do this EVERYTHING SHIFTS.

👸🌎💓You take back your POWER from society & the old programming that’s held you captive in the illusion of not being good enough in love, relationships, in appearance, to be wealthy, to be happy or to strive with your soul led business.

✍️ 💻 Now is a time to implement the changes in your business strategy & mindset to allow you to reach more people easily!

⚡️There are so many people needing YOUR help.  LOOKING for your special recipe of transformation to HELP THEM!

⚡️So stop playing small & hiding.  Let yourself be seen & let them find YOU!

If this resonates & you are now ready to start making changes in your life & business, to upscale or even need help creating an aligned program or service that shines with your authentic message.  Then book a discovery call here.  I have a couple of spots available next week!

Allera x


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