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Viewing life as a tourist


I realise I see & experience more in life as I view things through the lens of a tourist

No judgement, just excitement

This openness attracts people & often the extra ordinary situations & invites arise.

I used to joke I was like a homing pigeon. As soon as I decided on what I wanted even in a new country without any known connections. I’d getting chatting to someone & next thing you know I’m being either invited to where I want to go or receive the info I need.

This is where my extrovert side comes to play & I love the excitement as the new adventure locks in

You see I don’t always have the fixed set idea.  I’m open.  Open to more & how these things come to me.  It feels like a game I’m playing & I just have to be in a playful mood & the rest takes care of itself.

In the past year I moved from London to the countryside & although this would become my home for a season.  I treated my experience as a tourist.  I tasted all the areas had to offer.  I explored.  I engaged & in doing so I saw under the false veneer & truly the core of the place.

I witnessed first hand people who were so locked in patterns & routines that they made their world small & constricted then projected the misery of their self made hell onto others.

I met people who had never visited the nearest town 10 miles away even through they’d lived there for all their lives.

I was new to the area & I was the one finding new places to visit & showing them there was more happening around them if they were willing to step out of their routine.

You see routine is the trap of the comfort zone.  It’s also where the ego mind likes you to stay as it deludes you that it’s safe.  Yet it’s a self made cage.  Your brain even gets so used to this routine it creates neural pathways & hormones you are addicted to feeling!  This includes the addiction to cortisol.  Plus the illusion you are too busy to change the routine!

I have been immersing myself in conversations & discussions with those who are running billion dollar companies.  I have to say these have been men & they all come from Corporate Finance backgrounds or entrepreneurial families.

These are the kinds of big picture conversations I recall with my clients & those I worked with for many years in Finance.

I realise there’s a big learning here.  Firstly

we need more women having big conversations. Visionary conversations that bring in strategy, financial literacy & our intuitive magic to bridge our current worlds.

Secondly the mindset & approach for any of these guys ventures is never small.  It’s actually what I call reverse engineered.  They start from the widest, expansive perspective & create the project plan back to now on how to create it.  Not needing all the detail but unknowingly locking in a new timeline ad they do it.  This is masculine energy in action.

There is also such a different approach to failure.  You can fail with a small amount of money or a big amount of money.  You might as well go all in & go big.  Either way you will learn from any mistakes & you can make back any money you lose anyway.

The thought of failure isn’t about them personally. It’s not some kind of reflection on their worth or character.  They haven’t applied emotional meaning to something so it then paralyzes them from taking action.

For many women they haven’t been exposed to the boardroom or the big numbers client reviews.  I can tell you after nearly 20 years of it.  Yes there was tension & adrenaline but there was also laughter & camaraderie. There was a buzz at creating something & ideas coming to fruition.

There was also a confidence around money.  Big numbers were the norm.  They supported the vision of the project.

One of the conversations I listened to that really struck me was the mission statement to give back $1bn through the company.  Not waiting till they had that amount but figuring out the strategy for giving an amount quarterly.  Then adjusting their business to ensure they met their target.

I see this as the way forward.

Let’s stop with the small visions.

I saw the charity Refuge needing £300k for their campaign.  It really spoke to me.  I know that I would love to be able to write that whole check & in addition offer consultancy time to them.  It’s now something I’m going to look at my whole bigger view point on.

You see the gifts we have are not just financial.  Our time & expertise holds huge value.

As we come to the end of 2021.

I invite you to take a step back & see what routines you are caught in.  Including the mental loops.

Look at how this is all self made & you get to shake it up & open the doors to a new chapter.

Consider where you need to have a revamp of your goals, mission statement & what can you contribute to the world.

If you could commit to going all in.  What would that empire look like?  How would that impact the future generation?

This is also an invite to quit the comparison & activate your unique talents.  The answers are waiting to be ignited within you. They aren’t cookie cutter.

Spiritually awake women out creating the world is part of our future!

You see we also need to see that instead of excluding those not only the same path and labelling as not spiritual or asleep.  They may actually have some great gifts & talents we can learn from & birth into something new in our own ventures.

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Allera xx

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