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Upper limits! You set the big goal & now the money blocks show up!


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

Welcome to my world!

I have seen so many decide to listen to soul & go all in this year!

With the level of change we’ve been through collectively we have all learnt how precious life is.  So much so that we value every moment.

The cost to stay doing ANYTHING that doesn’t feel good, inspire us, invoke the inner flames of soul purpose & bring the growth we desire. Is too bigger price to pay!

So you set the big goals.  Which was also a huge command by soul into the unseen realms & into the quantum field.

Yet what have you now see manifest? Blocks!

The money stopped flowing.  You were no longer attracting the same clients.  Things that used to work are breaking & you feel like you are fighting fires!

I see you!

When we set a big goal & haven’t yet done the inner alignment work.  We get shown what is out of alignment with the big goal (ie your next level self)

So all the chaos does show you through contrast what needs some work.

Unless you are aware of this.  It’s likely to bring a lot of fear & doubt up.  Making you wonder if your on the wrong path.

Yet the deconstruction is part of the realignment.

When things feel blocked.  It’s the red flag to look deeper and heal what’s coming up.  That way we step over any obstacles instead of getting stuck behind them.

If you missed my FB live on Sunday in the group- go watch it!

If you are ready to step into a container of support & transformation to reset your thermostat for money, expansion, health & more (so all of you feels safe & is collaborating with your next step)!

Then join us here:


As soon as you sign up – the energy work starts.  As we’re working in the Quantum Classroom!

We go live together on zoom on Sunday 6th March at 7pm (Lon/GMT).  You can watch the replay if you can’t attend live.

My teams have shown me women are needing support with particular influences & this is one layer! This year will be full of distractions & tribal energy to heal within & to help the collective!  So your part is important!

Love & Expansion

Allera x


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