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Upcoming Group Healing: Goddess Sekhmet releases the chains binding you to old lovers & realities


Beautiful Souls,

I mentioned earlier in the week that Goddess Sekhmet has been coming through strongly to assist us.

I will be holding the first group healing ceremony next week & she will be providing an initiation of emancipation from the old constructs your tied up in.  This is to start the process of soul acceleration & purpose work!

How many of you have had ex lovers or old friends pop up out of the blue stirring up old drama & emotions? (Most of which are still doing the same things in life they were when you last had contact)?

Are you lining yourself up for round two or three of b*s with these karmic counterparts it are you ready to release the karmic binds that connect you?

The influx of the old is a sign of unfinished business asking to be completed.

You didn’t learn the lessons last time and the vibrational frequencies are still in your field.
Which means you keep attracting them back in.

The same goes for the worn out self monologue of who you have told yourself you are yet its really just a sum of distorted experiences and trauma!

You are not the sum of what did or didn’t happen to you!  So stop gripping ahold of this luggage like your life depends on it!

Often women have told their story of disempowerment so often they believe it.  They are literally keeping themselves small.

You are NOT your STORY!

You are NOT the sum of what your family, society, your ex boyfriend or your boss things of you.

You are not SMALL & insignificant!

You have the POWER within you to shatter the illusion field around you & be supported in a new sisterhood of women who SEE YOU for WHO you TRULY are!

Being witnessed in love & support as you UNVEIL is TRULY LIFE CHANGING!

knowing you are safe & protected whilst being UPLIFTED through RAPID SOUL ASCENSION…

This is what your SOUL is calling for…

You didn’t find me by coincidence!

As I have RISEN to my next level of LEADERSHIP…

I have called in my soul sisters that I can help RISE but who we together can create TRUE ALCHEMY!

Come join us!  Early bird pricing ends soon!


AllEra x

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