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Twin Flames 11:11 Edition 2


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

So, let’s go straight into multi dimensional selves.

I realised not only does the film give a great depiction of our different versions of self (which we can access for intel)!

It also helps us realise that we are not just here in this timeline.  We are in multiple timelines & parallel realities all at different dimensional levels of consciousness!

On the Twin Flame journey it helps to understand that there are multiple versions of each aspect of your monad group.  Yep- often on Earth currently & in other parallel realities.

At any one time you are operating through 3 levels of consciousness (1D/2D/3D). Then as you start to awaken & clear the illusion fields you will simultaneously be accessing templates of you within 3D/4D/5D) & beyond.

At the time I met my Twin Flame in an instant it blew open the awareness of my monadic group & started a process of activation where a huge purge occurred for multi versions of myself.

It also showed me that I was being bogged down with clearing tons of dense karmic load for the whole of my monadic group (which includes other people I am aware of that are incarnated on Earth currently).  It was only when I realised this didn’t have to be this way that my ability to stop this came into play.

My Twin flame is a part of my monadic group therefore an aspect of my soul (a person who is also incarnated on Earth).  He was at time of meeting an energetic match however it was the spark to clear the 4/D & 5/D templates.  Meaning I wasn’t going to stay in a reality of addictions, victim consciousness or operating through the many distortions fields that were a result of past life & present life trauma.

I went into every timeline to reclaim us.  Every dungeon & underworld reality to disentangle us.  It was where I earnt my stripes as I can now enter playgrounds without being caught up in them!

I evolved & changed my life radically.  Huge lifestyle changes, at the time I stopped drinking alcohol, became vegan over night, moved house & let go of any negative relationship in my life & became dedicated daily to clearing my energy & upgrading my vibration. I was fast tracking to align with my soul purpose. Switching on so many other worldly gifts including remote touch & telepathy!

I knew my path was elevate myself out of the old stories including those of the new age communities which I began to see as consciousness traps which keep people stuck.

I was responsible for my choices & I wasn’t here to play small or any psychic Co-dependence.

So I chose me!  My soul path.  That Twin Flame became misaligned as I had elevated my consciousness so much.

Fast forward to 2021 & I met another Twin Flame at the vibrational level I was at.  This was another version of my monadic group.  One who interestingly had not experienced the same trauma or addictions as the one earlier.

Soul growth opportunities arose & once again it was a huge piece for me to fully own my path & not be influenced by outside opinion.  It was about deep integrity.

Of course there’s always soul contracts, opportunities & multiple timelines that you & anyone including a Twin Flame can choose.

None of which are any identikit path by any spiritual guru or closed system.

We are all co-creating & we are also under no obligation to do anything or BE anything defined by what others or any belief system says you should.

If you are in any connection that you are defining as Twin Flame or Soulmate I invite you to explore.

1: How fulfilled are you in each area of your life?

2: Are you limiting your own self expression to try to control or create a response or outcome with another?

3: Are you ignoring your own needs as you believe you are in a stage of TF awakening.

4: Are you experiencing energetic or psychic interference that is affecting your ability to focus your energy on your day to day life.

5: Are you in a state of believing that the other person needs help/healing whilst not doing any deep dive shadow work yourself?

6:  What % of time, energy & focus do you spend on your own life goals & things that provide joy in your life vs the TF dynamic/situation of person

7: Are you putting your life, happiness, ability to have a family on hold for when the person returns/is available or decides they want to play out a defined role you believe they should be playing?

Biggest question.  Are you choosing to create suffering & chaos or do you want freedom?

The more we understand ourselves outside of the stories that trap up.  The more freedom we have to heal, evolve & attract more goodness into our lives.

Watch the film if you haven’t.

I’ve you are ready to elevate out of struggle, integrate your soul wisdom & become empowered on this spiritual awakening (knowing you are only in control of yourself & everything else responds to that)!

Then you can get started here:

I also have 121 sessions for both men & women to assist in the pieces you need help with.


The Modern Day High Priestess

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