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Twin Flames 11:11 Edition 1


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

Firstly, I want to share with any of you who define yourself as being on the awakened path to watch this film.

Everything All At Once (watch it & ignore any reviews as the ones I saw are through the lens of someone who isn’t consciously awake- viewpoints are literal)!  You will see what you need to see! It’s at the cinema now!

If you remove the Hollywood violence part it is a clear example of quite a few things I have  experienced. Then the stream of clients who suddenly found me needing help for more of the unspoken, unseen & out of the lines issues they were experiencing.

My nickname is ‘The bloodhound’ due to this!

There are souls like myself who are defined as travellers.  It’s something I have held through many lifetimes & often would be seeding information in multi timelines consciously.  This happened in a prominent one from the final epoch in Atlantis & Egypt & into a timeline with the Kaloo (who were part of the consciousness that seeded the Essenes).

I discovered these things through initiation.  Literally a merging of my present reality with information & people that would trigger memories & information not traceable to this current life.

These were also very physical as the trauma & cellular memory of events started to manifest in my body & I would access that information & how it was playing out in this now timeline.  Allowing me to then heal it.

It opened up an ability to tap into morphic fields at will.  Just a thought & I would access whatever I was focussing on.  This brought about a huge initiation but also allowed me to step away from the power of the stories each timeline held & quickly identify who the players were, the dynamics & my gifts.  Allowing me to literally switch on ancient healing abilities I held.

My soul left breadcrumbs through over 300 timelines that started coming to me in my day to day life & dreams in 2015.  It was an initiation to call back a lot of my soul fragments

which was a huge karmic clearing exercise.

Past, parallel & off world lives weren’t new to me.


I experienced two near death experiences age 2 & 4 which blew open the realities & meant

I would often see peoples past lives as a child. A gift that allowed me to identify who the soul truly was not the human current form in front of me.  Which at times was confusing & scary.

It wasn’t till 2008, age 28 that I cancelled my wedding & completely transformed my life that that the initiations to integrate my gifts really got started!

Up until that point I orchestrated many death doors, exit points.  I had a choice to leave or go through a huge upgrade.

I missed being in the 2004 Tsunami that affected Thailand & would have been on a beach hit!  I dislocated my elbow a week before so my boyfriend & I couldn’t fly.

I also would have been killed in the London July 7th bombings as my train through Aldgate was hit.  A random decision to book a quick holiday to Greece with a friend who had just split from her boyfriend meant I instead watched the events unfold on the last day of our holiday!

There have been so many other worldly events in my life.  All reminding me that we’re all here for something important. Yet we all set up choice points as to whether we stay or exit.

I look at this from a different angle to the human side.  I take the souls birds eye view.

I know that things had to be so extreme through some of my initiations that I literally stepped out of the boundaries of reality limits in order to embody more of my souls wisdom.

No book was going to help!

It at times has felt like live or die (I don’t mean an ego death as most spiritual texts lead).  I mean illness, injury & trauma where I literally had to choose a literal path or something that tapped into my inner souls wisdom.  I was both the source & solution to any challenge. Meaning at soul level I was creating these situations in order to uplevel & switch on a new ability!

I realise that as a new wave of awakenings have occurred.  This next wave are going to be moving fast…not willing to settle for years of accepting the wonky wisdom that they must follow some existence that separates them further from their daily life & the material world.

We must remember that everything is light.  It’s all fractals of source.  Including the material world! So, to reject it is contradictory!

It’s like trying to reject your own arm yet you are connected to it all!

My intense & accelerated experience was plunged into further initiations when I met my Twin Flame.  My ability as shadow hunter activated.  Meaning an initiation through ALL realms!

At the time I was also working in a high profile role in Finance & essentially learning how to create the tools to integrate my multi dimensional self with my feet on the ground!

It was the culmination of this that led me to create my first program in 2017 which is for ANYONE on the spiritual awakening path.

I wanted someone to be able to collapse time around the healing journey by giving them an empowered toolkit.  This program includes everything I had cleared & integrated for myself through all the upgrades & aligned me to be in a position to set up my business!

It’s helped hundreds of people step out of the dark night of the soul suffering & drama struggle!

Minus the blocks, chaos & interference!

No need to suffer & feel you are constantly caught in the collective timelines!

You choose.  You choose the experience you desire.

It was when I realised this that I stepped into my power & started becoming the soul architect!

This is possible for you too!

The Online Twin Flame Healing Program is here (immediate download). A toolkit for The Great Awakening!


The Modern Day High Priestess


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