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Twin Flame Union- Creating your new life reality


I wanted to write this to ignite some questioning amongst those who are on the Twin Flame path.  To those of us learning soul lessons of discernment, intuition and personal power.

Along my journey I encountered a lot of people who told me to completely disregard my Twin Flame, kick him to the curb, forget TF union if I wanted a family, that we must uphold the healing of our entire soul group, that our prime focus for incarnating was to be on ‘mission’ and that this would mean handing over the running of our lives and decisions to guides/other worldly beings and be ready to drop everything including parenting responsibilities to go and do a ‘grid’ assignment!

Firstly I would like to add that we all have our own lenses and these opinions came from people who were providing advice through their own lenses which were tainted by their own veils of illusion.  My soul lesson was not to swallow the advice, guidance or influence of others, when the answers were always inside of me, in my own heart.  These opinions were those peoples interpretation and choices on how to create their Twin Flame experience, not mine.

I would suggest before ‘swallowing’ whole anything you read or hear, that you chew it over first.  Decide if those beliefs come from a place of fear, control or manipulation.  They may just be reflecting that persons own limiting beliefs and circumstances.  As your beliefs influence your thoughts and feelings.  What you believe in and feel through the connection to your thoughts will become your reality.  Unknowingly every day we all align ourselves energetically with whatever we pay attention to.  So if you take on others beliefs of fear and restriction, then you line yourself up to create the same in your own life!  We all have the power to snap out of this trap though!  It takes a little, time, questioning and listening to your heart.  Checking in on how this new ‘information’ makes you feel.  That’s your alert system!  If you feel low or anxiety after reading something then perhaps it’s time to question whether you want that ‘energy’ in your space and make a different choice next time.

When I complete a Soul Realignment Clearing within the Akashic Records, I am able to see what life lessons the Twin Flames have agreed to help each other complete.  How their soul gifts can complement and assist each other.  Where one has strengths they can energetically support the other to develop in one area and vice versa. They are at soul level a collaboration of energies and experiences.  During a reading I identify what soul group they are part of and what the soul group collective have experienced.  There is a lot written about soul groups.  My view is that just because you are part of a particular soul group does not define the set in stone directive of how you need to experience and create your life!  This was another ‘opinion’ I was given along the way.  My view is that it just means as you come from a group of souls, you will hold an energetic resonance or ‘’like ness’’ from that collective group whether that be a particular focus on a skill/task/interest/ability.  So if you are being ‘told’ you have a ‘mission’ on behalf of your soul group, chew it over before jumping into action and check in with your heart on how this ‘feels’ for you.  Does it bring feelings of joy and excitement or fear and restriction!  Never let anyone tell you what you ‘should’ be doing, creating or how you ‘should’ be living your life.  This includes anything you read from me.  Take what resonates and leave the rest.  We’re trying to break free of the moulds not recreate them!

If we look at the Twin Flame journey and awakening process.  The theme in this lifetime is the ‘Divine Feminine’ Twin Flame is awakening first.  This means in many cases a period of rapid growth, life changing, rollercoaster of constantly battling her own shadow and along the way also healing her sleeping Twin on the soul planes.  If she has managed to ride the waves and established strong foundations of energy hygiene, self love, self care and healing.  Then she will be well equipped to start aligning herself with her Divine Timing and creating a new life.  She is laying the foundations for Divine Counterpart Union (whether that is with a Twin Flame or a Divine Life Partner).  In healing herself and breaking free of the restrictive archetype moulds and illusions, she’s helping to pave the way for the future generations.  We take on the genetic karma and beliefs of  7  generations of ancestors.  So when you clear up your own ‘stuff’ it means you don’t have to hand this junk onto your own children.  We literally break the chains that have bound us to our family shadow patterns.

The male Twins have in many instances agreed to awaken much closer to their Divine Timing.  This generally means a huge shake up where literally anything out of alignment is taken from them.  They too were being taught by their souls to ‘trust their inner guidance’.  However with open core wounds (unworthiness, abandonment, betrayal) and inner child injuries, self sabotage plays a big part in taking one step forward and three backwards.  Nothing is static and the soul will push hard to bring them where they need to be.  Which is a fear inducing experience for many!  Once awakening has started there truly is no going back.  Their souls have agreed to this!

Something to note…everything and everyone in life is a gift…whether you like it or not!  At times I know I got the blame stick out and energetically beat my Twin with it!  Why is this happening?  How do I escape?  There truly is no running.  The soul truth is that the only person you are running from is yourself.  You are just projecting the blame, fear and issues against the other person rather than pausing to ask what part of me is hurting here and needs some help.  This is a fruitless exercise and I got a big lesson in cause and effect between the Twins.  To lash out in blame towards my Twin meant I received the bashing back at myself in the form of psychic attack.  A big lesson learnt and also opened me up to the power of forgiveness of self and others along the way!  There is always a gift in the Twin Flame mirror.  They will bring up what needs to be healed in you (the fear, the unworthiness, the wounds) and then heal it with love!  It’s allows us to transform ourselves through soul love.

So as you can see both souls agreed to a huge amount of growth through their meeting.  It’s like being reborn, learning a new language and way of communicating all over again.  Everything is different.

There is a lot written about Twin Flame mission.  Which in itself brings fears of the unknown, pressure and an urgency.  Combine this with what for some Twins has been a rapid, rocky awakening process full of upheaval and change.  The mere mention of a ‘mission’ could have them heading for the hills, as it brings up old fears of war, battle and fears of failure!  Plus a lot of confusion about what are they meant to actually be doing!  In many instances, this detracts from what is at the core of the Twin Flame connection and that is love.  Not the kind of love we have been accustomed to (love is sex, love only when you act/look/behave in a certain way), but unconditional love!

Unconditional love is a soul lesson for both Twin Flames throughout the journey.  Can you unconditionally love someone even if their behaviour towards you is the opposite of love?  Could you unconditionally love someone if they chose not to be with you?  Could you unconditionally love your Twin Flame if they chose to be with their Divine Life partner rather than you?  At a soul level, you will be pushed to learn this lesson and then live and embody it!  You can learn this lesson in love and union together or apart.  From the souls perspective, it’s just a different route of learning.  There really is no view of negative or positive.  It’s our ego self who feels the pain in the ‘how’ we learn our lessons.

If we look at the Twin Flame Union from an energetic perspective, both Twins must balance their inner masculine and feminine energies within and then together in union.  We all within us hold the masculine and feminine energies regardless of gender.  This means we can all tap into the ‘Divine Feminine and Masculine’ energies within us to create whatever we want in our lives.  Twin Flames are one soul who have split into two in order to experience embodied physical expression of the feminine and masculine.

What do the ‘Divine Masculine and Feminine’ look like in action?

The Divine Feminine is the creative force, the intuition, the visionary, nurturing, beauty, sensuality, brings in the wisdom, truth talker, healer, abundant, passionate, courageous and emotionally intelligent.

The Divine masculine represents action, grounding the creative vision of the feminine into the physical reality, kind, the protector, gentle power (not through force or abuse of power), peaceful, strong (strength lies in owning his ‘stuff’, words, actions without blame projected on others), connected to his heart, fear facing (warrior of love), makes no apologies for his emotions and knows his strength lies in truth talking from the heart.

Reaching our fullest potential within and as part of a Twin Flame couple is in finding the balance of interweaving these energies.  When both energies come together in harmony it gives birth to serenity with us, our divine perfection and love can fully shine out to illuminate the world around us.

This is all new territory and will take love, compassion, honesty, trust and patience between the pair.  They are learning to create a new relationship dance which will act as a catalyst of change for the future just by being themselves.  This relationship shifts the paradigm of love, marriage, roles of women and men just by coming together!  So love is their ‘mission’ in truth.  There are no rules.  This is moving us towards a new way of ‘open’ hearted, spiritually conscious living.

As with anything new there is a transition period.  Each Twin Flame couple is different and must find their own dance together.  The focus being on love and balancing the energies between them.  My personal opinion is that we are here to create.  So by creating grounded, stable foundations for your dance together you are able to manifest and create so much more.  Childhood wounding and trauma is prevalent on this path as many Twins chose challenging upbringings to break the limiting templates.  So why would they ‘choose’ to create further unstable relationships and home lives if they have the awareness and choice to create a different template for their future.

The question becomes what to create together!  New home, lives, families, careers, lives filled with purpose.  As souls we have free will to create our own experiences.

As souls we can create life through our ‘love’.  This means that a Twin Flame couple could ‘create’ a consciously aware family.  Bring children up who have an awareness of themselves as beautiful souls, helping to prevent them from become smothered by a veil of illusion.

It could be that as a couple one of you takes a more active approach in creating a socially beneficial and financially abundant business and the other helps from the side lines.  One example could be the feminine brings in the intuitive insights and the masculine helps to bring this idea into reality through his action.  Acting as a protector of the relationship and whatever they have chosen to create.

Alternatively, you may both want to use healing abilities, write, sing or whatever means you bring your message to others which helps in some way.  The list is limitless!

Twin Flames come from all layers of society and work environments.  They are bridges to assist the next group of souls begin to awaken to themselves as souls and their own divine potential to create!

Anyone awakening at this time has an opportunity to be a change maker.  To help re write the rule book.  How you choose to express it, is your own Divine choice.  This all starts with self.  Change has to start with YOU.  It’s all very well wanting to change the world but it has to start with you, your beliefs/actions, your relationships and your family.  Which in turn creates the alchemical effect of grounding these changes for the future generations minus all the negative karmic imprinting and beliefs.

This journey means no playing small, not feeling worthy of speaking up or hiding your inherent power.  Many Twin Flames chose challenging families and childhoods so they could later break the moulds and heal from the illusions.  The thought of speaking out can bring up feelings of fear, shame and unworthiness.  Knowing you have your Divine counterpart (whether your Twin Flame or Divine Life Partner) by your side, offering support, guidance, an ability to see your true potential and a deep love, which will help you see it for yourself.  Means you begin to realise facing fears and old wounds with that person by your side is no longer a struggle.  Anything becomes possible!

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