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Twin Flame Awakening: Dissolving the boundaries of your ego reality


Twin Flame awakening is an awe inspiring experience which ignites your soul in to remembering it’s true Divinity.

To me, I felt like I had been walking around my whole life with a blanket over my head not even aware it was there. I notice that at many junctions in my life I was given a lot of guidance from my soul and had many near misses of taking paths which would have severely limited me had I taken them. It was at these moments that I would receive epiphany insights, awoken in the middle of the night being shown in true clarity of what I was walking towards.

Shaking me to quickly take action and change direction. These alerts were never for small things in life. They were for life changing, soul shocking events, like realising I was about to make the very wrong decision of marrying someone, whom I knew deep inside of me wasn’t the one. Resulting in me unravelling my life with that person built over 7.5 years, cancelling my wedding, honey moon and leaving my home to start afresh 4 weeks after my night time wake up call. I knew at those times that I could never live with the decision of not taking action. Something would have died inside me if I had. So I fought and I pulled on every part of strength within me to take action and create the enormous amount of change and often destruction needed to get me back on path. However, at that time I didn’t know I even had a path. I was just beginning to learn to follow my heart…

During Twin Flame awakening I can only describe these insights and epiphanies as almost nightly occurrences at times. Everything was speeded up. At times this could be an exhausting rollercoaster, where the stream of information never stopped. However, I learnt early on to listen to your guidance and take action. Chaos ensued when I ignored the warnings. The big boot of the universe gives a good kick when you don’t listen and I prefer to keep one step ahead.

This journey will remove everything in your life, mind, body and soul that no longer serves you in getting back to the truth of who you are as a soul and bringing you back into alignment with your pre agreed Divine Timing. Getting you on path to create the life your soul is craving. It strips the illusions of the ego away and gives you an opportunity to purge from many lifetimes of consuming a diet of toxic limiting beliefs, societal programming, illusions of love and all the cycles of pain, suffering and trauma. Allowing you to start afresh.

Listen to your insights. Embrace the healing mirror your Twin Flame presents to you, these welcome clues help you unpeel the energetic onion of self. With the conscious awareness of what needs healing, how we created the mess ourselves and in retrieving and shining light on all the parts of ourselves we have abandoned, ignored and hidden. We return to an inner wholeness we never knew was possible. The blanket is fully removed from our heads and we can see the truth and clarity in our Twin Flame connection, who we are as a soul and the lives we have created for ourselves.

Embrace and enjoy the ride brave souls!

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