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This holiday period for many has brought to the surface with clarity just how much inner change has occurred.  When faced with our tribe of old friends and family the shifts are undeniable.  Nothing feels like it did previously.  The time before we pulled the veils of illusion from our faces seems like a detached distant memory.  We’re not the only ones to have noticed the change.  An undercurrent frission of fear played out amongst many families.  Not being able to quite explain what has changed in us but knowing one of the pack is not keeping in line with the old rules.  This will have caused acting out by parents trying to resort to treating their adult children like infants.  Shadow sides will have been brought to light.  Fear caused friction and a need to push those awakened family members back into the defined boxes their families created for them.  It’s too late.  Once awakened and wings spread, it’s impossible to return.  Just as a butterfly can’t return to chrysalis.  Neither can an awakened soul fall back to the world of the sleeping.

This holiday season came with many soul lessons.  Patience, forgiveness, intuition and trust in the creator.  For many there will be choices to be made which will feel like a leap of faith.  Uncomfortable truths have arisen in many relationships which can no longer be ignored.  Expect rapid shifts to occur in the next 4-6 weeks as decisions are made and family, living and custody arrangements are realigned.  Once the first step is made the souls will make these transitions quick and any initial chaos will subside swiftly.  Allow this to flow and ask for the creators assistance in the outcomes to be in the highest and best soul good for all parties involved.

These moves are being orchestrated at soul level to create the strong foundations of 2018.  A key focus is on family and grounding the changes of 2017 into the day to day routines.  Twin Flames have been called to help ground the new templates in raising consciously awakened families.  The children are going through their own awakenings now and some of these rapid changes in home environments are happening for their highest good to ensure they are receiving the support, guidance and assistance they need for their own soul growth.

I am being guided to share that for some children now there is a need for Twin Flames to start with their roles as teachers for the consciously awakened children.  This starts at home.  Change and disruption bring huge soul lessons.  Forgiveness is the key theme at present.  I am being guided that this is something that we must not only actively be practising in our own lives, it’s now time to be teaching our children it’s true meaning and value.  For some sensitive children they will internalise the traumas of divorce or their parents inability to care for them as a fault of their own.  Causing a further cycle of wounding to occur.  We are breaking these patterns in ourselves and now we must actively help our children do the same.  They must understand that even if their parents have made choices which they are angry, sad or worried about, that they are always loved and safe.  They need to know that it’s also not due to anything they said or did.  Forgiveness of themselves and the ones who have hurt them is the key to their processing and healing in these situations.

If you are following the Twin Flame Healing Program you can talk your children through the Forgiveness ebook and can also take them through the meditation (if they are over 10 years old).  Help them express and write a list of what they are holding onto.  Whether that’s the anger, frustration, fear, grudges, resentments and any regrets that are simmering.  I would suggest playing the meditation out loud together.  This will complete an energetic healing for them (and will release the energy and trauma held in relation to everything on their lists).  Also at soul level it will release the soul contracts/lessons which cause the patterns of attracting the same experiences again in their lives.

I highly recommend this book to help teach children about Forgiveness.  It’s great for adults too!  The Little Soul and the Sun by Neale Donald Walsch.  The book is easy to read and beautifully illustrated. Here is an extract.

There is a distant echo starting to be heard by the Divine Masculine and Feminine at this time.  It’s a sound that they have tried to deny and ignore since the day they awakened.  There is a pull and they are beginning to feel it.  It’s the push towards their Divine soul contract.  To start living a life of purpose.  To move towards carrying out their Divine purpose and what they agreed to do before incarnating.

For many they have believed that if they ignore their Twin Flame it will in some way mean they can avoid carrying out this agreement.  Although they may not have been aware of it.  This is an underlying current in many Twins close to union but something keeps them from taking that step forwards to reconnect.  There is a feeling of importance, intensity and an awareness that in doing so will create shifts and changes they aren’t prepared for.  Blocking the truth that in doing so the gifts outweigh the fears they are harbouring.  So they resist by trying to keep full control.  They believe this must all be due to this person.  Not realising the actual reason is that they have a Divine soul contract upcoming and their soul is pushing for them to crack on and take action.

This is a contract with the Divine creator and it’s also a contract made with your Twin Flame and the children you have in this lifetime.  For many their Divine soul contracts are fully interwoven with their children as all of them are part of the same soul family.  What this means is that by you dragging your heels and avoiding carrying out your agreed Divine Timing affects not only your soul but also the advancement of your Twin Flame and your children souls.

The thing many haven’t realised is that their souls will literally pull the rug from beneath them to bring them back on track to complete this Divine Soul Contract.  This can manifest in many ways from relationship break downs, divorce, custody agreement changes, change of jobs, job relocation, home moves and illness!  It is after all the main thing their soul wanted to experience in this lifetime.  The soul is yearning for this experience and the bliss, joy and fulfilment carrying this out brings.  This means that whether you are with your Twin Flame or not your soul will push you to complete this contract.  You can run and hide and try to stay small, hiding from your power but your soul will just bring you more challenging soul teachers and situations to teach you strength, power and trust.

For those of you who have an inkling this relates to you.  Take a look back over the past year.  Can you see the reoccurring patterns?  Each time you have run in the opposite direction through fear and self sabotage none of this brought you peace, joy and fulfilment.  Each time it ended in some kind of chaos and resulted in whatever you tried creating failing and in some cases being removed from your life.  Pushing you to keep having to restart again and again.  Your soul was pulling you from the wrong path and removing those who weren’t in your highest and best good.  All the path blockers who limited your growth and happily fed your insecurities.  The test was to start believing in yourself and that you deserved to heal, a good life, a loving partner and that it was possible to create the life you dreamed of.  Until you realise this and move towards carrying out your Divine soul contract expect more struggle, restarts and repeated patterns.  Your soul will help you ‘learn’ till you start to trust your intuition and listening to the guidance you are ignoring.  There’s no judgement in this.  However it does make for a less grounded, stable and fulfilled life experience as you are constantly running against the wind rather than going in flow with what your soul wants.  The Twin Flame journey calls for us to trust in the Divine.  This means trust in the creator and surrender time and time again.  Until we realise the more we run, try to control and basically let our lives be run by our fear based monkey mind rather than our hearts.  We continue on this merry go round.

In my sessions I will check in the Akashic records when someone’s next Divine Timing is and what they have agreed to do.  Having this information not only gives someone direction it also gives them a higher perspective on what patterns have been occurring in their lives.  The key take away for them is whether their choices bring them into alignment with what they’ve agreed to do or take them away from it?  If they go in the wrong direction they will notice the pattern of feeling stuck or nothing seemingly succeeds.  A nudge that they are on the wrong path.  A friend said to me what happens if I don’t want to do what I have agreed to do.  I told her that it might work for a little while but she will find herself doing it later on down the line.  However for that to happen things normally get stripped from you to get you back on the right track.  So why work against yourself?  It is just your ego trying to believe it has to be in control which is an illusion.  It’s a journey between your soul and the creator!  You agreed to this journey so why fight it?  Many are being stubborn and stuck in pride mentality.  Not wanting to admit their choices haven’t brought them what they desired.  This a now a time to try something new.  If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results.  This is a soul journey and no matter how much you believe you can control it, you’ll always be brought back to realise that it’s led by something much bigger than you can imagine.

When I explained to one woman what she and her Twin Flame had agreed to do.  She didn’t see how it could happen.  Her Twin Flame was a drug and alcohol addict and was only just beginning to start a detox program.  I had to explain the man she knows now will not be the same man in six month’s time.  His awakening will start in 2 months and it will be rapid.  His soul is pushing for him to complete this contract and I’m being shown he will literally remove anything from his path that gets in the way.  This will mean letting go of the life you have known with him now.  It will be like completely shedding his skin and in doing so he is going to evolve into a man who is able to bravely guide others recovering addicts through the same process to recovery.  Part of his Divine soul contract is as a ‘healer’ and facilitator to abuse and addiction recovery.  I had to explain that a healer doesn’t mean he has to suddenly turn into some cliché New Age sage.  It means at a soul level he holds an ability to hold sacred space for others and his presence, empathy and listening skills are part of his ability to assist others.  How he goes about expressing that is completely up to him.

If you can imagine many of us have chosen very challenging childhood and difficult obstacles to overcome in this lifetime.  Overcoming an addiction requires a huge amount of soul growth and transformation.  Combine that with someone who has gone through an awakening.  They have not only faced removing the substance of the addiction but has also been faced with the task of diving head deep into the unknown of their psyche to face the wounded parts of their soul.  Causing them to reconnect with themselves, their soul, their inner divinity and god!  The person before this experience would have been the one hiding from their pain, their wounds and ultimately themselves.  The person emerged from this experience has a new perspective and has found their light.  In doing so they offer a wonderful gift in assisting and inspiring others through their own journey back to finding their own inner light.  It is though this that someone will feel an inner need to assist, help and heal in whatever contribution works for them as a soul.  These life experiences were chosen by the soul to assist them in whatever they have agreed to do as part of the Divine soul contract.

If you would like to find out what you have agreed to do in this lifetime and when your Divine Timing is.  I have created the following package which allows you to gather the information from your own Akashic records (only £20).  This is taken from the Twin Flame Healing Program.  It includes three parts

What am I here to do? (MP3 meditation)

New Life manifestation (MP3 meditation)

New Life Manifestation action plan (pdf)

So if you are feeling the pull towards creating a life with purpose.  Teetering on the edge of following your heart and taking action.  I would like you to ask yourself this question.  What is your legacy?  Take some time to think about this.  We have all been brought on this awakening path for a reason.  No playing small.  No hiding out in our shadows.  It’s time to start stepping into our power as change makers which starts with self, our families and then expands out into society!

Love and blessings

Allera xx

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