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Time to crown yourself!


As I have been gradually pulling off the band aid of awareness

Allowing more realisation

Connecting the dots

But most importantly identifying the cage

I see the archetype morphic fields as energetic consciousness field

The soul chooses a lens

An overlay to perceive itself.  To at future time utilise to access the inner fire & embodied energetic power of expression within

Yet my teams have shared the penny within this multi dimensional coded text hasn’t dropped

The archetype ‘cage’ is more accurate

To understand that these fields have been influenced by patriarchal rule

A splitting & fracturing of the pure frequency occurs therefore blocking our ability to access all of it within

Many women in my world including myself hold The Queen codes

Even my nickname by my brother as a child was Queenie! ?

We are natural leaders & influencers

Yet the full impact of the distortion wasn’t yet felt till later years as I stepped more fully into my power & purpose

This is where I tracked the energy, the glitch & the light distortions.  Seeing how these were distorting my view of myself & myself expression

You see the queen archetype field has a program that we must rule with a king

Meaning that much longing is a often unconsciously felt for a man to complete our dynamic in order for us to feel actualised in kingdom or community

This patriarchal program actually has a strong influence that a woman needs a man by her side & marriage can become something that is required in order to step into purpose and personal power

This runs deep in the spiritual communities which echo a deep pain at not having a Divine Union

Yet in truth it’s a loop

It keeps you from not healing your own inner masculine & feminine energies

It keeps you often in a cycle of lack- the lack of Union, the lack of a ‘king’ the lack of worthiness to create a queendom alone – so instead of focussing on the inner wholeness.  The frequency of lack & inadequacy keeps you seeking outside of yourself

Distracted & dissatisfied

How many women are not stepping into their full embodied power because they believe they have to have a man by their side to lead with them (often projecting a lot of the new age role ideals onto someone just because he’s a man)?

If you understand how the bio hologram works…

As within so without

It’s the inner alchemy that creates the outer alignment

No one outside of you is needed to embody, create & lead your most soulfully expressed reality!

Yet when you do the work to disentangle your distortion & step into living from the sovereign queen frequency…

You will naturally attract men holding the activated New King codes!

New immersion of radical transformation starts 7th Feb!

Let’s stop living as tamed Queens & sanitised Goddesses.  It’s time for a huge energy reclamation into our wholeness!

Time to crown yourself ?

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