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Thriving in the state of overflow!


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

As some will know I’ve gone through a huge upgrade after a final piece of sacred work was completed in Glastonbury!

This is all in prep for The Wealthy High Priestess Immersion that starts 11/11.

If you are hearing the call then final spots are still available!

Claim your upgrade here:

As London officially goes into Lockdown today.  I’m feeling very positive & excited about this incubator period!

It’s not a time to retreat & hide.  To wait it out.

This is a time that’s being strongly supported energetically aligning your life, mindset, business & goals to the next level!

This is about just going for it & claiming all the goodness out there!

Nothing plonks itself on your lap & those who sit on the fence set themselves up for failure (which is just reinforcing their own inner distorted beliefs)!  If this is you then it’s possible to change, trust & transform!

Know you can & it’s possible but you will need to be willing to go for it! Not try (as that is just sitting on the fence)! You either commit & take the action or you don’t!

The universe will only match your efforts. Meaning when you step forward the universe meets you!

So from today in the Awakened Feminine Soulpreneur group I will be sharing my journey as part of my upgrade into new levels of love, potential, wealth & impact!

All of which can only come from a place of overflow!  The energetics are skewed most of the time & this is not a fun place to be.

We have to create lives that hold us in that state & it takes conscious awareness & action.

So come join me…

Here’s some guidance!

?Give yourself a gift daily!

?Sweat, stretch, move & meditate daily!

?Invest in your health, wealth & business daily

?Mindset over matter (nothing is static so don’t get caught up on permanence)!

?Daily reset (nothing to catch up on & no replays)! You get a fresh start daily!

?What beauty have you noticed in your life & surroundings daily?

?Daily appreciation-Post 5 things in the comments

?Energy mastery- you control how you feel, react & respond.  Clear your energy daily & don’t allow the old chaos programs to rock your place of inner peace!


Sources I will be tapping into this week!

I like to have a few things planned so I look forward to them…

I also use-


I will be sharing with you my thoughts, support & whatever magick needs to come through daily as I go through my 30 day journey!

Allera xx

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