This is what happened last week! - Pure Light 1111

This is what happened last week!

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Hey Gorgeous Souls,

We are at a time in history where we either feed the old timeline with our energy & focus.  Projecting the past into the future & re-traumatising ourselves.

Or we choose to dream as big & brightly as possible.  Knowing our innate inner power to create the world we want to inhabit through the belief of what could go right…instead of the 3D loop of what could go wrong!

My teams shared there is a real struggle to keep the momentum & higher vibration consistent to actually ground the manifestations of the new reality.

It requires holding the new set point & not getting thrown into low chaotic states each deeper time inner work is needed.

Identifying your blindspots will be key!

So I’ve started bringing through group sessions to shift the parts that aren’t being focussed on (as you don’t now what you don’t know)!  Blindspots are so sneaky- haha!

We had such a powerful group session last week.

Here’s some feedback if the shifts around Financial Thermostat & getting ALL of you in alignment with the next big leap!

If we don’t do the inner alignment work we sabotage or manifest illness! Such a common theme!

The next session is:

Soul Architect Series: Healing the tribe- Ancestral blocks 

Tuesday 15th March at 7pm London/GMT time

Join us here!

Allera x

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