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There’s a story within you!


Gorgeous soul,

I know there is a story within you!  One that is meant to be told.

A piece of medicine that heals just through it’s expression.

A tender tonic that soothes when shared.

Yet many are still in hiding.  Afraid to be fully themselves.  Believing their own excuses & wearing multiple masks.

Yet when we’re acting in this way the main person we deceive is ourselves.

To hide a piece of our true soul expression is the most painful self betrayal & rejection.

In truth you are magick incarnate!  Source energy flows through your veins & star dust shimmers in your field.

We’re unlearning the lie we were told.   That we’re only a meat suit designed for a 9-5pm existence!

So when we decided we’re more.  We’re infinite spiritual beings who are here to thrive…

You get to accept yourself & start living not hiding!

Catch Episode 4 of the Soul Aligned Living Podcast here- Coming out of the spiritual closet!

Allera x

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