The Wound of the Witches- The Hunt! - Pure Light 1111

The Wound of the Witches- The Hunt!


This isn’t to be missed!

A calling to all the amazing magickal women desiring to remove the cloaks of fear and let ALL of themselves be shown in the world (AND create a successful business doing it)!

Your unique medicine is needed right now!

Yet many are holding back from sharing it fully with the world and it’s playing out in some funky ways in your life, business, branding & pricing!

Watch the replay of my FB live today…

The wound of the witches-The Hunt

(Part 1)

It’s time to re-create the role of Magickal witch, healer & priestess in society & it starts with YOU!


If you are feeling called to join us in The Empowered Priestess- Unapologetically You! 4 week group intensive.

Secure your place here…DM me for payment plans!

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