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The Rose Lineage


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

The Magdalene Lineage stepped forward.

Whilst in ceremony at the Wild Women retreat I was given a crystalline white rose in holographic sequence!

Coded into my field as a transmission

Whilst in the bath today, a place I often come to read & tune in during the day

I was shown it’s purpose

It represents purification, peace & unification

I will be bringing through a ceremony with the Magdalene’s & activating the ceremonial magick of this lineage

This sacred geometry from the Divine Magdalene’s will deeply heal our masculine lineages & those who never got to activate the codes in their lifetimes

For even the men that abused or were abused

Those who never connected to source & instead lost themselves in darkness

Even those who spread poison through every dna & bloodline connection

Are part of source.

This is a deep transformational healing for these men, their lineages & the women born into them

We will come together to activate & invoke in ceremony within the Soul Architect Series: Healing the masculine lineage.

Join us starting 4th July.  The doors are open:

Allera x

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