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The right place at the right time


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

Have you considered that to accelerate the process it requires you to let go & surrender the addiction to routine & control?

This means deep trust in self, soul & source operating through you.

Miracles occur left field & solutions from the unseen worlds occur & resolve things that could never have been created through your own doing.

To surrender the plans & allow things to flow allows me to be where I need to be at the right time.

I met 3 men on this trip to Glastonbury who each needed a connection with me to aid their soul plan.

If I had got in my head with should, kept to timeframes, plans & forced myself to get things done in a preconceived order I wouldn’t have met any of them.

I missed the solstice on the Tor & instead awoke in my room & held ritual there without leaving my bed.

I chose to honour my body & rest.

I took myself to Chalice wells on Monday & walked straight to a bench next to the yew trees and sat & wrote.  It’s from this spot that these men came to me.

One asking for help on forgiveness of an ex & letting go of the deep pain he held as he started crying telling me he was ready now. I brought in his spiritual teams.  Aligned the request & told him his physical action of cleansing his feet in the pool was the permission for the whole process to be completed & for him to release himself & others from the pain.

The next man shared about his need to teach himself rather than learn sound medicine from another.  I shared my own reason for leaving london & how the different grids I traverse support me.  He said this confirmed he needed to leave london on his return.

I befriended the other & found myself giving a download that lasted hours.  Filling gaps, activating & solidifying knowledge he held but hadn’t yet trusted.  We shared coffee & cake afterwards.  He had driven from Manchester to Glastonbury & cake straight to Chalice Wells.  He decided to head home after we left the cafe saying he’d received what he had asked for- a teacher.

You see you never know when you are needed.

I always trust & go.

I have built my business model, support & systems to give me the freedom to serve in many ways not just what you may see me offering in means of podcasts, masterminds & immersions.

Often just being in the right place at the right time.

Do you trust your soul enough to embark on a soul aligned life?

Bright blessings

Allera x

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