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The Phoenix rises from 2021

As I navigate daily closure & completions I am pro-actively writing my future!

Saying ‘yes’ to soul

Committing without hesitation to new agreements that will offer me new experiences…including becoming a member of a place I’ve just found is covered in sigils, goddess temples, beautiful lawns & a spa

Being surrounded by beauty & those who appreciate it activates my creativity

I am blessed with the new doors that are opening

No one ‘gave’ these to me

I chose to step up

I chose to choose my happiness, expansion & trust now is the time to rise

As I chose myself & that i am worthy of more & can receive & expand my capacity for this…

The universe listened

I listened more…to all the guidance & nudges of what exactly was keeping me tied to my current home, area & lifestyle

I took the action… more than just house hunting

I had to complete 3 pieces of land work in order to leave the grid I was on

I stopped spending any money in the area I lived for 2 months & started shopping, spending, socialising & anchoring into new grids. Money is energy & I was not going to allow that energetic connection to continue – I pulled my power back ?

I had to radically release people completely from my field & not allow them any access to me during the process of grounding my new home!

I went deep into restructuring my soul blueprint, contacts & commitments. Freeing myself from how I have been creating till this point as I’m being called to up level

I integrated another soul aspect which has now again been in alignment with the next piece of purpose led experience.

?Have I gone into chaos- no

?Have I gone deeper into trust- yes

?Have I deepened my connection to the power of god, source, soul- yes

?In order to

Are you desiring change, an upgrade, rapidly without the doubt, fear, chaos & drama?

Are you wishing to align to your souls highest timeline?

Do you wish to be supported & receive the guidance to assist you to make choices for a quantum leap?

Once I’m settled get ready for some powerful alchemical magick coming through!

This is very much the Phoenix rising for myself after 2021 (I will share fully soon)!

I know for many of you it’s time to get off the fence & start investing in a life that lights you up!

Now is the time!

Allera xx

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