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The new wisdom keepers- Channelling for Global Guidance


Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I need to context something. A big piece of the suffering & victim consciousness cycle on this planet is keeping people stuck believing that something or someone is coming to rescue them.

It follows the pattern of believing your life is happening to you & you just have to suck it up & accept your lot.

All of this is man made illusion. So many have believed these lies that strong Morphic fields were created including around religions, gods, deities, myths & legends.

In every lie there is a truth somewhere. It’s just that all beliefs are through each individuals lens of perception. Meaning they are filtered. All depending on that individuals consciousness, background, trauma & soul origination.

So truth will not be the same for all & all the more reason to always tap into inner knowing above all. As that will lead by source & soul & to your own highest timeline!

If we remove the perception that one person, leader, teacher has to be ‘right’. We actually remove the guru structure & hierarchy. We understand they too are doing their bit for humanity through their own lens of perceptions.

If you take what resonates & run with that (discarding the rest). You will gain the medicine you need.

So given that each person you see up on stage leading is just doing their bit with the tools they have. Have you ever asked yourself ‘why aren’t I doing that too’?

Each soul has different abilities, gifts & contracts.

On Earth we have a non interference law. These are spiritual laws that prevent those at differing consciousness level or on other planets from interfering. So no one will be rescuing you anytime soon!

However we can become channels to them. Meaning we use our free will permission to connect with them to bring through wisdom that can assist you on your path & purpose but also humanity! It all starts with self & building that communication line first!

As someone who is clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clair sentient & Claircognisant naturally. No training. I was always channelling. Answers would drop into me (including medical diagnosis which is when things started getting juicy growing up)!

I also have very strict boundaries around what, who & when I channel now. Even with light language it’s me commanding what’s required & the language then comes through. So I know what is coming through not just a random series of babble! My permission is needed for it all.

I was told I had to clear my Atlantean karma before I launched my business. Not only as this connected to my gifts & deep trauma I held. It is because during that epoch our channel of light, etheric bodies & dna were tampered with. Meaning I had to know what has gone on to shift any access point that would affect my channel of light & affect my

The gifts we held at that time need to be re-birthed now but we have to face what we did to cause the fall to reclaim them in their purity.

As you will know I am re-seeding the Atlantean Skull Consciousness on Earth currently.

Part of the first immersion starts 16th July.

Within this I will be working with those who are soul called to become guardians for the new sacred sites that have been activated & also clear the Atlantean trauma & open you as a clear channel for the Galactic guardianship who with to assist us.

If this resonates I’ll be sharing more in the FB group-

Come & join us!

Allera xx

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