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The new relationship templates – Part 1


Please get a pen and paper to hand for this blog post. Write down everything that comes up for you as we’re going to clear it!

There will be opportunities for Twin Flames to reunite very soon. The push is coming for the new relationship templates to be grounded. Paving the way to create a fresh start for the next generation.

Divine Masculine is starting to reflect on how he will pull this all together. How can he bring his Divine Feminine into his life. Old fears and illusions around what the ex wife/husband will think and whether his friends will approve are rising from the subconscious. He is also seeing on the surface that the Divine Feminine seems to have her life together and he’s now concerned about where he and perhaps his children can fit in to it.

The truth is both the Divine Feminine and Masculines situation will change. For this to work it’s not just a union of two people there will be children involved too.

Initial reunions are just a first transition stage. Expect more in the form of house moves, relocation and changes to working arrangements in the next few months. The clear message I’m given is this will be quick and not to let the monkey mind go into fear at the pace of these changes. Go with the flow. These shifts for many are overdue, this is a timeline shift to bring everyone involved into alignment.

Divine Masculine is perhaps wondering how this will work in the day to day 3D. Priorities and routines will change. Space for the new person entering his heart, life and home must be made.

Divine Feminine will potentially be called to step into not only the role of Divine partner and lover. She may also be extending her nurturing care and attention to children, bringing in her energies of divine mother.

There will also be men uniting with Twin Flames who have children. Calling for him to grow, adapt and consider more than just himself in the situation.

When children are involved it means some extra little hearts to consider in the union. It brings about enormous soul growth for all (compassion, patience, honesty, love). For some this will strip away the routine of singleton and bring in the richness of connection, being able to tenderly create a loving situation for everyone involved. This takes being a balanced adult. Any ego wounds (competition about exes, jealousy or selfishness) must all go. Rise above it all. Don’t engage in any fear or drama. All souls, including any ex karmic partners and children have agreed to this at Soul level. Things will work out for the highest best for all.

In truth the Divine Masculine is also being tested. Is he ready to let go of needing the validation and social approval from others? Is he ready to trust his heart and follow his soul? Is he ready to let go of the need to keep the status quo in his life? Forever putting others happiness (including ex partners/family/friends/bosses) above his own?

This is his time for truly coming onto his heart space and stepping into the warrior/protector role for the union. Is he ready to defend and protect this sacred union regardless of whoever tries to get in the way? Is he ready to ignore others views, opinions, doubts, jealousy and manipulation so he can find true love?

Is he ready to see the blessing in the negativity and doubts from old friends, associates and connections? Seeing these as the sign that he must move forwards, following his inner truth. Trust in himself for what is right for him. Leaving behind all who protest.

In many instances the Divine Feminine has done her shedding of old layers. The dark sisterhood who may have been part of her friendship circles have long been cut loose. She’s learnt to dance to the beat of her own drum. Nothing and no one will dissuade her inner truth and knowing of what is right for her. She knows that as she shifts, all relationships around her will either remain and grow with her or she will move forwards in love.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What fears do I have about what my family will think about me having a relationship with my TF?
    (Write down any doubts, words, beliefs that come up).
  • What fears come up about what my friends may or may not think about me having a relationship with my TF?
  • How will my friends react seeing me truly happy, in love and shining my light?
  • Can they be truly happy for you? Will you be teased? Will people use sarcasm to bring you down? Will people be jealous and try to put doubts in your mind? Do you have a feeling that some people enjoy hearing about the challenges you’ve experienced in life as it makes them feel better about themselves?

This is a red flag list of people! My personal advise is to not share your dreams with dream stealers! These are the people who you may be holding onto but are ready to be allowed to fly free. This kind of toxic negativity only holds you back in following your own truth and heart. They are the planters of doubt and want you to stay sharing their own inner misery.

  • What fears come up when you think about your ex wife/partner/husband knowing about your relationship with your TF?

Write down the fears, the negative beliefs and any cruel things said or done which puts you into a space of worrying you’re not doing the right thing.

If this has brought up something for you it’s a sign you are letting them control you through old fear. Let it go and free yourself.

Take back your power from caring about what they think about your decisions and needing their validation. Also if any thoughts jump to fear of the TF relationship not working out and the reaction of the ex to this (satisfaction/told you so stuff). Write it down. It’s just their jealous, insecurities and wounds they have projected against you for leaving them! Time to clear this old energy you’re picking up on!

  • What fears come up when you think about introducing your children to your Twin Flame? What fears come up when you think about creating a new family situation with your TF?

Remember having these fears doesn’t mean things will turn out that way. It just monkey brain is trying to trick you into staying where you are. It’s primal brain saying it’s safer to stay put, stay small and hide from the bad guys so you don’t get (eaten, injured, attacked or experience pain)! You’ve unknowingly made the Twin Flame the bad guy. It’s an illusion. This one comes bearing gifts of love, it’s safe to come out of the cave! Release all these fears and get out and enjoy the joy awaiting you!

  • Are you projecting the pain of old failed relationships onto this TF union?

Write down everything that comes up.

So now you have your lists can you see how easy it is for the energy of others to cause blocks, disruption and interference around your connection with your Twin Flame. Most of it isn’t even your energy- it’s their fears and disappointments they’ve projected onto you!

None of this is truth and none of this comes from a place of love!

Free yourselves, follow your heart and go get the True love you deserve!

Time to clear it all! I would like you to set this intention before completing the Weekly Akashic Record Clearing:

Creator of all that is, guides, teachers angels and Akashic record keepers. I command you search through my Akashic record and clear, remove and release all fears, imprints, limiting beliefs, programs and illusions relating to everything on my list. Sever, release and remove all contracts, vows, oaths, obligations and agreements I have made with any entity, being or soul to block my path to a True love and Twin Flame union in this lifetime. In the highest and best way. Thank you it is done.

Once you have listened to the clearing meditation, burn your list. Setting the intention that all this negative energy and fear is cleared and dissipated.

Never let fear become your ruler! Your soul is guiding you along the way. Let this journey unfold with excitement and ease!

Love and blessings
Allera xx

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