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The new archetype! You are the role model


Are you coming on the journey with me?

You see I recognise the fences & hurdles you face I’ve been there!

My soul seeks growth & expansion

This has seen my business grow, my Vision explode to more than I thought possible & all the support & aligned doors start to open

Once I accepted the initiations

I stepped into an abyss again & again every 40 days To expand & experience more

I have to see another layer of matrix limitation & track the hidden working to pull the deck of illusion down

My role, purpose, direction & level of impact has greatly changed & so much has been happening away from the social media grid

Which has shown me further limits, caps & distortion making much of the coaching community focussed on each other, not creating real world impact!

More spells broken I invite you to my new immersion

One that many of you already learnt about in the 3 Day Masterclass where I dissected the strong influence of patriarchal archetype fields (The Lover energy, The Queen energy & The Empress energy)

All of which are sanitised through patriarchal creation & prevent our ability to access these energies authentically!

We are being called to BE the new archetype template in the world – The Luminous Empress! You are being asked to BE-Come the new template! ??? We start 14th February!

Join us here:

Payment plans available- message for details

Allera x

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