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The Modern Day High Priestess: Remembering who you are & your mastered gifts


Hey Gorgeous Soul,

?Which Egyptian Goddess speaks to you the most?

At the age of 4 I first came across the picture of an Egyptian mummified cat & it brought floods of remembering back to my young self on a cellular level.

I remember a deep knowing that was so familiar that I myself had lived in that era & had also been embalmed.

It activated my deep connection to Goddess Bast & my obsession with cats. A huge protecting force throughout my life.

I was asked if I wanted a pony or a cat age 4 (prior focus has been on horses).  Nope that all stopped & my heart was set on cats. To which my first cat Juliet joined my life.  A beautiful tortoise shell & white cat with a black heart on her nose!

I want to open something up for you.

For every country I have been drawn to visit & even the places I have lived or visited.  I had been there before in different timelines.

Once we start the re-integration process the acceleration to recall lost parts of ourselves amps up.

I was being drawn to places to reclaim fragmented parts of my soul & clear the trauma that had occurred.  Step by step pulling more of my essence back into myself!

Lockdown has stunted this soul retrieval adventure over the past 18 months & I am being guided that many are ready for a huge integration.  Yet are stuck at the trauma & what i term matrix architecture piece.

Our challenge is for most we’ve blocked the root trauma or we’re avoiding it.  So we can’t face the root to shift it.  So it remains in our field & in memory looping patterns.

Those who have taken part in my masterminds & immersions know I work differently.  Rapid speed, not into the current restraints of reality of what is possible. In fact I truly believe we are more powerful & magickal than we can digest in the current timeline.

My abilities came online through existential experiences.  Which has opened me up to a different viewpoint & approach.

I have realised that I could access different aspects of my soul who had mastered what I was focussing on & the new knowledge, wisdom or healing gift was instantly activated within me.

In 2020 I worked with multi dimensional teams & the Egyptian Goddesses Isis (High priestess & Magician), Hathor & Sekhmet to bring through an ancient rite into present day teaching & transformation – Within the Multi-Dimensional Priestess Immersion

This allowed a higher aspect of soul to be integrated into the now physical vessel so that it offered the opportunity for expansion energetically to a much higher frequency set point that could be held.  It also elevated past the trauma/consciousness limitations to create a rebirth.

I realise this is part of my gift & the technology I as a soul can access.

We can fast track out of the ‘old’ ways of doing things.  We’ve just never had those around us to show us it’s possible! I invite you to consider- everything you can imagine is possible.  To even access the desire means it’s live in the quantum field.

One of the huge blocks to these key things…

  • Creating legacy level wealth
  • Saying yes to next level in business
  • Allowing yourself to go out in the world & be happy/successful & visible
  • Actually feel your body (instead of being disassociated & numb)
  • To prioritise health, pleasure, sleep & Joy
  • To prioritise your purpose project or business
  • Connecting to your sexual energy & harnessing it daily to draw to you what you desire (as the ancient priestesses did)

Is TRAUMA (body & soul) The loop of not healing this is the trenches of deep coding of unworthiness.  We become so frozen by the trapped emotions.  We can’t connect to it or our bodies.

Yet for us to be in our power spot & connected to the quantum field-

We must be in the now & we must be able to feel pleasure & positive open sensation in the body.

Goddess Hathor taught me why they would carry out yet rituals they did.  They were clearing the vessel to receive.

They were using the body as a conduit for frequencies & could conjure through movement.

They were deeply connected to the physical in all sense- physical, sensuality, Joy, Money & personal power.

I’m being asked to assist a group of women in transforming the trauma that keeps them out of the body & stuck in their heads.  Blocked from pleasure.  Blocked from manifesting at a higher timeline frequency! Meaning it gets to be easy!

I will be joined by The Egyptian goddesses to bring through this 30 day group intensive!

Exited to birth this through soon!

Are you hearing the call of the embodied priestess?

Allera xx

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