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The marriage with self

Who is she?

She seeks intimacy at root

But instead, in this quest for an insatiable appetite for depth

She often loses her self in others & in moulding herself into what she perceives is desirable in order to receive the nourishment she craves

In this dance, which is just as much an inner one as an outer movement

She allows her energy, power & sexual charge to be bled

She allows her sexual energy to be taken or sometimes offers it as a form of unconscious energy sacrifice.  A seductive offering with a hook.  A condition.

A distorted form of energy architecture that can’t be resolved by the mind

Her answer to embody the healthy Lover energy is to create the most deep & solid marriage with herself

The Divinity & reclamation of her true power, her body, her sensuality in this human form & to experience it all – not sanitised

The greatest revelation…

She must activate the flame within & claim her desires first…

It is then she will have the deepest most honest & loyal relationship she seeks

The one she has with herself!

Join me for a 3 day Masterclass where we will alchemise this story!

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