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The life you desire is outside of your comfort zone


Gorgeous souls,

I share this with love.

I ask each one of you to take a moment today to look at these areas of your life…

– Self cafe

– Purpose led business/book/adventure/community

– Money

– Spiritual growth (healing/self development/making the changes to break patterns/mindset realignment)

❤️Where in these areas are you holding back?

❤️ Where are you holding back & sitting on the fence till things go back to ‘normal’? Ie when lockdowns lift/back to the office etc etc

❤️I want you to write for each of these

I will take the action …when (insert the reason that first comes to you)

Some familiar reasons for holding back on the change…

  • When I have the time
  • When I have the money
  • When I lose weight
  • When the children go to school/when the children leave home
  • When my husband/partner gets a new job so I can work less so will have more time
  • When we have paid the mortgage off
  • When I’ve built a website
  • When I’ve trained in more modalities
  • When I have more experience

The thing is the only time you have is now. You only have the 12 hours in each day really to change anything.  Which is why small steps consistently add up to bigger things!

The world is not going ‘back’ to how things were.  That’s the whole point.  It wasn’t working.

So now YOU/WE/US are needed to BE the change pioneers in our lives, families & societies.

None of this comes from the trap if the comfort zone you are in.

As I drove back from a trip to Cornwall just before the G7 summit.  Where I have surrendered to source working through me.  Using the gifts I hold from many lifetimes to assist this time round.

I acknowledged I’ve created the life I dreamed of.  I have freedom to choose what I do each day.  I have found myself currently loosing track of what day it is as linear time has less resonance for me.  I am more conscious that to embody the Lemurian blueprints once more I am aligning to joy as my religion.  In doing so EVERYTHING shifts very quickly.

Yet this all started with me taking many leaps out of my comfort zone again & again-

  • To go back to Uni whilst working in Finance.
  • To train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Gestalt therapist whilst working full time!
  • To choose my purpose over partying & the social crowd I was part of in London.
  • To say yes to source when I received the downloads to book a sacred site trip & go the next day (even whilst in full time employment)!
  • To trust in myself & set up my business in 2017.  Creating a multiple 6 figure side hustle which was bringing together all experience & gifts including the woo woo stuff.
  • To move out of London to the countryside during a lockdown, on my own having only visited the place once for an hour!
  • To move to countryside & start driving again after 11 years & adjusting to an electric, automatic car!

It all happened in stages.  As my business grew, I automated, found my groove. Made purpose then centre nucleus & trusted it would work.  It’s more than me or being a job. It’s bringing through wisdom for humanities ascension spring at this time!

I am needed here at this time!

So are you!

Now is the time!

What will it take for you to decide that it’s scarier to stay stagnant in comfort zone vs not fulfilling your purpose with love & Joy?

Allera xx


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