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Hey Gorgeous Souls,

I have an exciting new podcast to share with a true example of a pioneer!

Meet Cat Wildman is the Co Founder of The Global Equality Collective.  The first Global Diversity & Inclusion app for Business, Education & Home.

Cat is a mother of 3, an award-winning Product person with a degree in Biomedical and Physiological Sciences.

From there she went into Technology and found her home.  Making her way to the top of her industry.   Named Telegraph Woman of The Year 2018, one of The 100 Most Influential Leaders in Diversity and Inclusion at World HR Congress in 2020 and BIMA 100 2020, Cat writes and speaks at events on her favourite topics; digital product, start-ups, working parents and of course all things DEI.

It was when she became an employer that Cat realised the sheer scale of the problem of lack of diversity in tech, but it was when she became a mother that she realised that she had a personal responsibility to dedicate the rest of her career to changing things.   Cat fully embodies what it means to be a pioneer!

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With over 136,000 students across 200 schools reached since launching in late 2021, the GEC’s mission is to change the world one conversation at a time.

This is an important episode! Do share this on your platforms, with employers & community!

Together we all make a difference!

Allera x

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