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The gift of the Twin Flame mirror


I would like to throw out an idea.  A way to reframe things, empower us, help us surrender to what will be.  Accepting there’s something bigger at play and we may not know the magic in the outcome yet.   Allowing us to surrender to the moment of being where you are now and knowing it’s just fine.  You’re just where you’re meant to be.  Knowing that just as you created the reality you are in now, one small action and changing one belief can open a hundred doors in front of you.  Life is always in movement, in flow.  Change is our only true guarantee.

So you have met your Twin Flame and it’s ignited you in ways you never expected.

The greatest love story of your life…

The truth is, this story starts with YOU and it ends with YOU.

This is the truth for all our soul stories.

This journey takes us on a wild goose chase of illusions, navigating inner mysteries, distracting battles and wars within.  To get to the truth we struggle with the most.  That WE ARE LOVE.  Our connection with our Twin Flame takes us back to the truth of our own connection to source, which is LOVE.

To get to that point we need to peel the layers of fear, denial and feed our inner well of self love to rebalance.  To find that what we grabbed at, craved, mourned for, was inside us all along!  Not in the outside object, person or whatever we projected it against.

Notice how we needed something outside of us to come in to show us the love within us!

Instead of realising this,  we got confused and thought this person was OUR SOURCE OF LOVE!  Hence why, when they walked off on their path, our true healing journey began.  Energetically we weren’t in alignment with true love.  We were ready to drain our inner pool of love,  jump off a cliff or do anything other than face the truth that we had to learn to feed and nourish ourselves with self love first!

This awakening is to find your TRUE SELF, finding all light and dark aspects within, and realising they all play a part in what makes you whole already.

You find the love, compassion and honesty within yourself to reclaim them all.  They are all part of your story, your adventures and your detours.  The more we reject ourselves, those parts hidden by inner shadows and fragmented memories.  We switch to our own inner abuser, the neglector, the master to an inner trapped slave.  Crippled by fear and trapped by the energy it takes to contain  these unloved wounded parts within us.

When we let go of the present life stories that we tell ourselves, our self made cages of fear and limitations.  We heal and start to love ourselves.  We give ourselves permission to love and forgive ourselves.  This completely changes our path.  I have made countless stupid decisions, suffered multiple physical injuries, experienced trauma, illness, failed relationships and loss but it’s NOT WHO I AM.

This journey brings up a lot of old fear, trauma and everything else to be healed and released.  As it’s not your true self!  If you can honour, heal and release each layer of the energetic onion, you get closer to the true brilliance of YOUR TRUE SELF, AS A SOUL.

This is an adventure through light and dark back to your true divine self.  It’s at this point of self acceptance, love and self realisation that alchemically you can magnetically align and attract the special soul counterpart to join you.  Without need, without control or conditional love.  You come from a place of inner wholeness, rich within from daily doses of self love.  Your mirror counterpart only reflects that which is within you…LOVE!


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