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The Final Activation


The call has come once again.  As always I listened and swiftly took action.

Tickets booked for 3 days in Glastonbury over the upcoming Equinox.  An alchemical immersion awaits me.  Goddess energies & the request to bring through High Magick wisdom are the key focus presently.

I am being guided once again to uncover another layer of self for the wider benefit of all.

For those who have followed my work for the past few years you will be aware of my abilities.  The library formed through an onslaught of personal initiations which then translated into an influx of people coming to me needing help unpicking the same particular problem.

I grew up as a magickal child.  Neglect meant I roamed free in the forests that surrounded my home.  No curfews & running wild & entertained by nature as I pleased.  Even from a young age I was psychically awake & channeling all manner of beings.  I was immersed in other worlds, potentials & literally seeing the effects of my intentions appear around me.

I was also very accurately aware of the shadow side of my abilities.  The power of strong emotion, negative thoughts & the ability to conjur darkness & cause pain.  No formal training taught me this.  As with everything I know it’s been existential learning & soul activations of wisdom flowing through me.  A deep remembering on many levels.

I knew as a child to harness my abilities to not lash out energetically even though I went through 18 years of abuse at the hands of two narcissistic parents.  I knew even then it wasn’t my path & to do so would invite in exactly the same lower energies that possessed them.

I have spend the past 5 years unpicking the many different past lives involving the arts and in particular the dark arts affecting the suppression of the feminine.  Not only women but the land, mother Gaia’s sacred sites have been polluted with abuse of this esoteric power.

My sensitivity is such that I can tune into a building or in session with clients I scan the field and can decider the different layers of magick & the type, often put in place with the intent to keep the deeper layers in place & hidden. I became adept at this to help free myself and later others from this. To do so I went down a rabbit hole to understand it.

I have seen how magick from the Ancient Egypt times & beyond is still active.  Including the Egyptian black magick money curses.  We must realise that energy doesn’t die or disappear.  Our intentions have far reaching consequences.

Yet in truth our bodies are Divine magickal manifestation vessels.  We are co creator souls housed in a holographic matrix of energetic form.  If we realised our biggest tool to grounding our manifestations is connected to our vessel perhaps people would lavish deep care and appreciation over the gift they have.

I recognise that not everyone can manifest in the same way for many reasons.  Often they can’t connect to the emotional state and keep it consistently in order to align to the new reality they desire.

Some of this is because they are trying to work with the law of attraction but are doing so from a lower vibrational state and haven’t done the deep inner soul work or energy clearing.  So attract more chaos than good.

A lot of the work I do is clearing at soul level, physical body (organs/bones etc) & on a quantum field level.  I teach not to manifest what you want till you clear the vessel & apply tight spiritual hygiene tools around this.  Why do I do this?  Simply it’s a fast track way to attract what’s in alignment with your newly uplifted vibration.

I also recognise that many struggle to manifest as they don’t have the right tools or mindset.  This includes getting clear on their money goals & shifting into a new wealth mindset.  Really knowing they are worthy & commiting to something.

This is why I’m being guided to share Divine High Magick rituals to assist with Financial Alchemy in my upcoming 6 week group immersion.

Having a ritual keeps a wandering mind focussed.  It’s also a way to bring a strong intent from the energetic plane and ground into the physical.  The Wealthy High Priestess coding is activated through accessing our inner magick to create.  To be a vessel for the Divine & embody & ground these codes into the collective.

I am excited that I will receive the final activation in a few weeks time.  I can then start to birth the new program.

I have created a pre- launch intake list for the closed group coaching 6 week intensive immersion program.  If you are feeling called & want to be involved.  Then contact me on & I can add your email address to the list.

This group will have a limit on the intake.  I will be sending out invites to those on the pre list first before publicly sharing.  So if you want to ensure you get a spot be sure to ensure your on the list & sign up before it goes out to the wider audience.

Love & abundant blessings

Allera x

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